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HP SmartStream Solution Navigator for Smartphones

HP SmartStream Solutions
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How to use the HP SmartStream Solution Navigator for Smartphones?
HP SmartStream Workflow Solutions can now also be searched by an easy-to-use tool for smartphones.

Supported platforms:

HP WebOS, Android 2.2, Apple iOS 4.2, and Blackberry.


Enter www.hpwsn.com into the browser window of your smartphone. Login with your email. A password will be sent to you.

On a computer, use the Google Chrome browser to access the tool.

Key features:

  • Explore complete Graphic Arts end-to-end workflow solutions as known from the
    HP Solutions Showroom.
  • Use free-text search to gain fastest access to any solution information you need.
  • Use search filters to narrow down search results relevant to you.
Mobile SmartStream Solution Navigator

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