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HP TIJ 2.5 Industrial Ink Selection Tool


Test the ink in your application to understand true performance.

When it comes to industrial printing, one size — or even one ink — rarely fits all. Look to HP industrial printing supplies to provide a full range of benefits suited to your business needs. The HP TIJ 2.5 Industrial Ink Selection Web Tool is designed to help you select the black ink that best suits your equipment, the substrates you print on, and your business objectives.

Step 1: Use the drop-down list below to select the substrate that most closely matches the media on which you print, then choose Search. Note: Names in parenthesis were the actual substrates tested.

Step 2: In the resulting table of information, choose one of the parameters (shown in orange) to sort the available inks by that parameter and to learn more about how this parameter is defined.

Ink performance may vary based on media, printing system, and environmental conditions.

For information about available HP products using these inks, click on the ink name. Or, get a listing of all HP TIJ 2.5 ink products.

To order an ink product, contact your ink provider. For more information about our ink products, contact us.

On what substrate do you need to print?