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HP Scanning Imagers 500R/800R - features and benefits

Q2287L and Q2288L - HP Scanning Imagers 500R/800R
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Q2287L and Q2288L - HP Scanning Imagers 500R/800R
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 Choice of print zone sizes
The Scanning Imager 500R is designed with a 5-inch print zone, which is ideal for compact, specialized printing of smaller media, such as labels and CD/DVDs. Customized media path development is left to the OEM.
The Scanning Imager 800R has an 8.5-inch print zone, which supports a wider range of media sizes. This device is especially suitable for applications that use larger media, such as point-of-purchase signage. The Scanning Imager 800R includes a standard media path, but OEMs can replace it with their own custom media path.

Reliable HP print mechanisms
Both of these scanning imagers include:
  • Scanning print mechanism
  • Two print cartridge stalls
  • Cartridge service station
  • Media feed shaft with motor assembly and a mechanical interface for an OEM-supplied media path

The imagers are quiet, compact and designed to provide easy access to the print cartridges. They are capable of excellent print speeds across a variety of applications. The Scanning Imager 800R also includes a product shell, which can be replaced to meet OEM requirements.

Proven HP electronics
The Scanning Imager 500R and Scanning Imager 800R use tested and validated HP application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) for the imaging pipeline, motor control, and host interfaces.

To provide flexibility for addressing an OEM’s application requirements, these devices are designed with flash ROM for microcode storage. By utilizing the flash ROM, OEMs can configure the printer for its unique operational flows and manage firmware upgrades more efficiently.

These devices support user interface and ease-of-use features, such as a print cancellation button and print speed/quality selection switches, and OEMs can choose which features they want to implement.

Customizable software driver
To facilitate quick integration, HP designed a software driver for the Scanning Imagers 500R and 800R that permits extensive OEM customization. OEMs can modify media path control, as well as system operational flows, to handle their unique media path and printing process requirements. Print modes and color maps can be optimized to meet media requirements, as well as product performance and print quality specifications.

The driver can also be tailored to present a feature-rich user interface (with or without OEM brand identity) or a simplified driver that offers only the functions required for the application, such as:
  • Print-quality controls to balance speed and resolution
  • Media type and copy selection
  • Layout controls (orientation, size, scaling, mirror image, and borderless printing)
  • Color controls and grayscale printing
  • Print-status and ink-status indicators

Outstanding color print quality
The Scanning Imager 500R and Scanning Imager 800R offer HP PhotoREt III four-color ink systems.

HP PhotoREt III – HP’s photo resolution enhancement technology uses four-color printing to provide an optimal combination of print quality and performance that is suitable for most applications. This technology combines a pigment-based black print cartridge with a dye-based tri-color (CMY) print cartridge to produce high -quality images and crisp, laser-like text.

Depending on the media, this system can achieve outstanding lightfastness and fade resistance for up to 60+ years.

Versatile, economic, high-quality print cartridges
The HP Scanning Imagers 500R and 800R are designed to work with HP 56 (black) and HP 57 (tri-color) Photo-Quality print cartridges. These print cartridges offer all the advantages of HP’s latest inkjet technology. Hundreds of tiny nozzles, firing up to 18 kHz, allow high-quality printing at high speeds.

Small drop size and precise ink drop placement produce consistently superb image and text quality in color and black-and-white on a wide variety of media.

HP’s Photo-Quality print cartridges offer:
  • Exceptional print quality: The small drop size provides high-resolution black-and-white and color prints over a wide range of media.
  • Superior photo quality: The four-color ink system produces long-lasting, brilliant colors.
  • Compact design: Low-profile packaging saves space, so companies can build smaller products.
  • Proven reliability: HP's worldwide recognition for product quality, reliability, and service creates a winning combination for our OEM partners.
  • Ease-of-use: Simple, quick replacement minimizes downtime.
  • Economical output: Efficient ink delivery system provides a low cost-per-page advantage.

When purchased in volume, these cartridges can be customized, extending the range of an OEM’s product offerings with proven high-quality HP technology.

HP engineering expertise and support
HP works with you to quickly adapt and customize these scanning imagers to meet your particular market needs for specialized application printers. These products provide a high return on investment compared to standard consumer printing platforms.

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