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HP Scanning Imagers 500R/800R - frequently asked questions

Q2287L and Q2288L - HP Scanning Imagers 500R/800R
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Q2287L and Q2288L - HP Scanning Imagers 500R/800R
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 Who are the intended users of the HP Scanning Imagers 500R and 800R?

Companies who develop, manufacture and market commercial applications that call for short-run, print-on-demand, high-quality color and black-and-white printing.

What are their key advantages?

  • Flexible design Choose from a range of components and customizable software features to quickly develop the solution that best meets your needs.
  • State-of-the-art technology Uses HP’s most advanced thermal inkjet technology (TIJ) to produce superior print quality and economical results.
  • Shortened time to market Provides hardware and software that are already tested and validated by a recognized industry leader.
  • Higher return on investment Components will remain available through October 31, 2013.
  • HP support Offers tools and services to make the most of your expertise in vertical market applications and HP’s expertise in thermal inkjet technology.

What are the advantages of HP Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) Technology?

  • Cost-effective Requires no warm-up cycle and no downtime. When it’s time to replace a print cartridge, replace only the one that’s needed.
  • Easy to use No special training is required to operate and maintain thermal inkjet printers. The print cartridge design allows it to be snapped in and out for easy replacement.
  • Fast Hundreds of tiny nozzles firing at a high frequency allow high-quality printing at high speeds.
  • Reliable TIJ is less sensitive to air bubbles in the firing chamber than other printing technologies, avoiding print quality problems and delays caused by trapped air.
  • Flexible Supports a wide variety of media.
  • High quality TIJ places smaller drops more accurately, producing consistently superb image and text quality.
  • Environmentally responsible With thermal inkjet, there is no need for service technicians qualified to handle volatile solvents, and no noxious fumes.
  • Lower cost of ownership A thermal inkjet printer can cost tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars less than other printing equipment, reducing the market entry cost.

Why choose HP?

HP is the worldwide leader in imaging and printing technologies. We bring our innovative, reliable, environmentally-responsible, and easy-to-use solutions to a variety of industrial markets. As pioneers of thermal inkjet printing, HP knows the technology inside and out.

Ordering Information

Product numberHP product
Q2287LHP Scanning Imager 500R
Q2288LHP Scanning Imager 800R
Q2342AHP Scanning Imager 500R/800R Software License
0957-2166Universal Power Supply
C8856AHP 56 Black Inkjet Print Cartridge
C8857AHP 57 Tri-color Inkjet Print Cartridge

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