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HP Bulk Ink Delivery System – overview

Bulk Ink Delivery System
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 The HP Bulk Ink Delivery System provides the flexibility to design products that require little operator intervention and deliver superior print quality on a wide variety of both coated and uncoated media.

HP engineered this robust, flexible bulk ink delivery system with advanced features to meet the needs of high-volume print applications where superior print quality, low cost per copy, and low user intervention are required. This system offers designers the opportunity to configure almost any combination of HP printheads and HP bulk ink cartridges to achieve the desired print capability. System components allow for:

  • Easy mounting of ink cartridges
  • Reliable ink delivery
  • Electronic interfacing to the bulk ink cartridge
  • Manifold design
  • Ink-level sensing

Using this system's advanced ink consumption signals, OEMs can, for example, design products that detect low ink levels or allow hot swapping of ink cartridges. In addition, pressurizing the system (if needed) increases placement options for the ink cartridges when designing a product. HP's proven ink portfolio delivers superior output on a wide range of both coated and uncoated media. Unlike solvent-based inks, HP's water-based inks do not require special venting hoods, chemical cleaners, or specially trained operators certified to handle and dispose of solvents. These inks also produce sharp, crisp output at high speeds without transfer or smearing.

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