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Tag and label printing


Tag and label printing

Through our commitment to providing thermal inkjet technology (TIJ) solutions employing advanced engineering and partnerships with best-of-breed OEM partners, HP is transforming short-run, full-color tag and label production by providing a cost-effective alternative to long lead times and inflated inventories. Thermal inkjet offers clear advantages—high-quality, full-color, on-demand printing. You produce the quantities you need when and where you need them.

Tag and label printing
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With HP TIJ solutions, tags and labels can be instantly and individually customized—onsite and in color. Retailers can partner with manufacturers to co-brand their products and promotions. Shippers can add personalized coupons and offers based on the retailer's customer information.

HP's new scanning imager technology is a good fit for label printers. The HP Scanning Imager 500, with a 5-inch print zone, and the HP Scanning Imager 800, with an 8.5-inch print zone, are compact, stable development platforms featuring advanced color inkjet technology. With HP Scanning Imagers you can develop high-quality custom label printers quickly and economically.

To learn more about the advantages of integrating HP TIJ solutions with your tag and label printing products, contact us today.

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