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HP ElectroInk


The key to HP digital printing

The key to HP digital printing starts with patented liquid HP ElectroInk. This technology delivers offset-quality digital printing by electrically controlling the location of print particles as small as one micron,smaller than is possible with dry toner technology. This small particle size produces higher resolution, higher gloss, sharp image edges and very thin image layers that are similar to conventional offset printing - all while exceeding the quality achieved by competing digital printing technologies.
Not only do you get excellent print quality, HP ElectroInk's fast drying properties increase turnaround time and make you more productive. HP ElectroInk solidifies as soon as it transfers to the substrate - the finished product comes out dry and ready to be handled, trimmed and folded.

HP ElectroInk can also produce special colors, including fluorescent and corporate colors, to add to the value of your printed material.

» Download the HP ElectroInk FAQ brochure (PDF - 321KB)
HP ElectroInk
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