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HP Designjet Excel Accounting Report


  • HP Accounting Solutions
    Supported* HP Designjet printers include advanced accounting features that enable you to know the extent to which your printers are being used, including e.g. the amount of media and ink per job and per user. This information can remotely be accessed from the printer, or the printer can send this information automatically via e-mail.

    The free HP Designjet Accounting Tool helps to generate accounting spreadsheets, so you can easily invoice or cross-charge departments, projects, or clients at periodic intervals for the correct amount of printer usage. Download the Accounting guide and the HP Designjet Accounting Tool for more information.
  • HP Certified 3rd party solutions: Accounting
    For tracking the usage of a larger number of HP Designjet products, you may want to use one of the HP Certified 3rd party solutions that offer accounting or cost tracking.

    The HP Certification program includes a comprehensive set of compatibility criteria, aligned to meet essential expectations and the unique capabilities of the HP Designjet printers.

    The third-party solutions that have been rewarded the status of HP Certified Accounting Solution, have demonstrated compatibility with the HP Designjet Accounting SDK (Software Development Kit) and use the advanced accounting features of the supported* HP Designjet printers.

    Currently the following 3rd party solutions are rewarded HP Certified Accounting Solution:

  • Disclaimer
    HP does not warrant, and is not liable or responsible for, either the accuracy of the information provided for these third party products or the performance of these third party products.

    * Supported printers are T770/T1200 series, T1100/1120 series, 4000/4020 series, 4500/4520 series, T2300 eMFP series, T7100 series, Z2100/3200 series, Z5200 series, Z6100 series, Z6200 series.



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