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Let your imagination soar
The HP line of imaging products was designed to ensure both superior offset-quality digital printing and an unlimited range of dynamic color options. These digital printing ink performance solutions combine to deliver digital output with the exact look you need to be successful. Whether it's our proprietary liquid ink technology -- HP ElectroInk -- or any of our color matching products, HP has the digital printing ink solution you need to set imaginations free.

HP ElectroInk

Digital printing ink offset quality
HP’s patented liquid digital printing ink provides offset level quality superior to that of dry toner.

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HP IndiChrome

Digital printing ink color quality
Enhance color gamut, color quality and fidelity while extending the CMYK range with this six-color digital printing ink system.

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HP Indigo ink mixing system

Digital printing ink mixing system
State-of-the-art digital printing ink measurement system allows users to create a wide range of special colors easily and efficiently.

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