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Large-format, Commercial and Industrial Printing Solutions

Who is "Specialty Printing Systems"?

Who is SPS?

Licensing HP Technology

We license HP Thermal Inkjet Technology (TIJ) to companies that imbed this printing technology into their own specialized industrial solutions.

For over 13 years we have been working with leading firms world-wide that have applied HP TIJ technology and had a dramatic impact:

  • 70% of the direct mail in the U.S. is addressed using HP TIJ
  • 100% of the mail metering companies authorized by postal authorities all over the world use HP TIJ technology
  • Many major banks use HP TIJ receipt printers at the teller and in ATMs
  • Over 80% of paper checks in the financial system being processed with printed codes use HP TIJ

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Visit our Application Showcase
Visit our Application Showcase See how our world-class partners are using HP Thermal Inkjet technology in their industries.

  • Mail Printing
  • Postage Printing
  • Product Identification
  • Transaction printing
  • General Industrial Printing

Technology Resource Center
Technology Resource Center Visit the HP Inkjet Technology Resource Center to get answers to your questions about this technology.

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