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HP Indigo digital presses and the environment


“With the HP Indigo digital press there's no contradiction between environmental responsibility and economic advantage.”

— Rosemary Joralemon
Director of Sales and Marketing
Info Label, Inc.

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As the printing industry moves ever more rapidly to digital on-demand printing, HP Indigo is at the forefront to help print service providers (PSPs) stay ahead of the curve. From commercial printing to direct mail, labels, and packaging, HP Indigo digital presses can help you make printing with a better environmental profile part of your future. 

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Designed with the environment in mind

HP Indigo digital presses offer all the environmental benefits of digital on-demand printing. Their excellent short- to mid-run printing economics allow PSPs to facilitate improvements in the flexibility of their customers' print supply chains. This helps cut print inventories and reduce the volume of redundant prints prevalent in many parts of the industry.
  • Variable data printing capabilities allow HP Indigo digital presses to produce better targeted prints and often eliminate pages that would be redundant for a particular reader.
  • Digital on-demand printing also requires no plate-making and no make-ready waste, which saves time and money and reduces environmental impact in the print shop.
  • HP Indigo digital presses are also designed and manufactured with the environment in mind. Many current-generation presses include an on-press system to recycle imaging oil. A growing number of countries have free and convenient programs to return binary ink developers for parts re-use and ink cartridges for recycling.
The latest addition to the HP Indigo portfolio, the revolutionary HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press, introduces new technology to help maximize the number of sellable prints while keeping the consumption of energy and consumables down.

Sustainable media for HP Indigo digital presses

Today, more than 1,100 types of media with environmental certifications are available for HP Indigo commercial presses, and more than 30 are available for HP Indigo label and packaging presses. Many of these also contain recycled content.

HP Indigo ElectroInk print deinkability and recyclability

The process of removing ink from prints—known as deinking—is an important step in the recycling process. HP has earned a reputation as an innovator in print deinking research.
This commitment has shown promising results for the deinkability of HP ElectroInk prints. In 2011, HP conducted a successful large-scale deinking trial at the Arjowiggins Greenfield mill in Chateau-Thierry, France.