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Large-format, Commercial and Industrial Printing Solutions

HP digital printing solutions for wallcoverings

From large retail shops to modern condos, commercial and residential interior design has never been more exciting. Now you can capitalize on the growing demand for inspiring wall decorations with a range of solutions from HP and its market-leading partners.

Choose from a portfolio of wallcovering solutions to support or upgrade your current workflow. Or if you're starting from scratch, HP can help you easily implement multiple advanced solutions—from design to installation—that will give you the most efficient digital printing workflow in the wallcoverings market.

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Find the best wallcovering solution for your business

Prepare and design easily using AVA tools

Easily complete wallcovering projects with design tools developed exclusively for digitally printed wall decorations. The tools help you exceed customer expectations with features like precise color matching from screen to print.

Create unique decorations with HP WallArt Solution

Meet the demand for personalized, high-quality wall decorations for commercial, retail, and residential spaces with HP WallArt Solution. This simple, comprehensive tool streamlines collaboration between you and your customers and improves workflow to save you time.

Rip files faster and improve quality with AVA

Improve color control, accelerate ripping time, and enhance workflow1 with AVA RIP, an integrated digital printing solution for large-format printers. Save time and improve quality with tools that streamline the process.

Print on a wide range of large-format media

Choose from a wide range of substrates from industry-leading media providers, including coated or uncoated, non-woven, vinyl, paper, and HP PVC-free Wall Paper.2

Print short runs or proofs

Print short runs or proofs on actual production media with the HP Designjet L series printers using HP Latex printing. Using production media for proofs eliminates color inconsistencies and helps you go to market faster.

Produce high volumes on demand

Print 24/7 with the HP Scitex LX600 and LX850 Industrial Printers, which use HP Latex Printing Technologies to produce true-to-life results. Run unattended overnight at true production speeds to optimize your prints.

Save time with automatic cutting from Fotoba

Reduce bottlenecks with automatic panel cutting from market leader, Fotoba International. Horizontally cut and vertically slit multiple panels simultaneously on a range of media. Works with automatic cut marks from a wide variety of RIPs.

Meet environmental criteria with HP Latex Inks

Produce odorless prints with HP Latex Inks that achieve best-in-class indoor air-quality certifications. Prints from HP Latex Inks are GREENGUARD Children & Schools CertifiedSM3 and meet AgBB criteria4—helping you meet environmental requirements.

1 Applicable to the HP Designjet L26500 printer series only.
2 For HP PVC-free Wall Paper, chemical analysis demonstrated elemental chlorine to be below 200 ppm. Presence of chlorine is attributed to residual chlorine used in the paper-making process, and not due to the presence of PVC.
3 HP PVC-free Wall Paper printed with HP Latex Inks is GREENGUARD Children & Schools CertifiedSM. See greenguard.orgNon-HP site.
4 HP PVC-free Wall Paper printed with HP Latex Inks meets AgBB criteria for health-related evaluation of VOC emissions of indoor building products. See umweltbundesamt.de/produkte-e/bauprodukte/agbb.htmNon-HP site.