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Large-format, Commercial and Industrial Printing Solutions

HP Latex printers – Solutions & education


HP WallArt Solution

Meet the demand for personalized, high-quality wall decorations for commercial, retail, and residential spaces with the HP WallArt1 Solution. This simple, comprehensive tool streamlines collaboration between you and your customers and improves workflow to save you time.

HP SmartStream solution portfolio for HP Latex printers

Developed by HP, SmartStream solutions allow you to fulfill your application needs to reach a broad range of market segments. These powerful printing solutions increase productivity, while ensuring high quality and a low total cost of ownership. Easily simplify your workflow with efficient, high-powered solutions designed specifically for HP Latex printers.

HP SmartStream Designer for HP Latex and HP Scitex printers

HP SmartStream Designer enables you to offer cost-effective versioned campaigns across a range of wide-format applications. Add personalized images, text, and colors from within Adobe® InDesign.

HP SmartStream Production Analyzer for HP Latex and HP Scitex printers

HP SmartStream Production Analyzer tracks and analyzes the performance of your HP printers, providing a clear picture of your production gaps and trends.

HP SmartStream solution partner portfolio

HP partners with more than a hundred companies that create industry-leading workflow solutions to offer you the most comprehensive portfolio of solutions in the graphic arts industry. HP SmartStream partner solutions help streamline production and increase efficiency. Find true end-to-end workflow solutions for almost any application, including general commercial printing, direct marketing, publications printing, photo specialty, labels and packaging, and commercial and industrial large-format printing.

For a complete list of HP and partner workflow solutions for HP Latex printers and presses, explore the HP SmartStream Solution Navigator (EN only)

Find your workflow solution

Explore the complete portfolio of HP and partner SmartStream Solutions with this easy-to-use tool. Search by workflow, product, region, or market segment to identify the best end-to-end printing solution for your business. You can then tailor that solution to meet your specific requirements.

For a complete list of HP and partner workflow solutions for sign and display applications, explore the HP SmartStream Solution Navigator (EN only)

Certified third-party RIPs

To ensure seamless integration with existing workflows and provide a broad choice of compatible digital printing solutions, HP works with many of the leading Raster Imager Processor (RIP) and workflow solution providers.


HP Ecosolutions Training for HP Latex Printing

The HP EcoSolutions-Trained Printing Company program is free to HP Latex printer owners and helps ensure they receive the maximum benefit from the environmental profile of their HP Latex printer.

HP Latex University

Gain access to comprehensive resources that will help you be more competitive, market your green credentials, and help your business successfully produce a wide range of outdoor and indoor wide-format graphics applications using HP Latex Printing Technologies.

1 Requires an HP WallArt account, Internet connection, and connected Internet-capable device. One year free trial license. Cancel at any time. After the free trial, a full HP WallArt license may be purchased.