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Pioneers in collaboration: HP and Autodesk

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“I see the collaboration
as being an incredible
opportunity for us to give
[the AEC] industry what it
needs: to be mobile, to
have immediate access
to information.”

— Erin Rae Hoffer AIA
AEC Industry Strategy
and Relations

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In today's global building industry, good collaboration is critical. HP works closely with Autodesk, a leader in 3D design solutions, to integrate printing and scanning capabilities into Autodesk software. Together, our companies connect the physical and digital worlds to provide best-in-class design, visualization, and simulation of real-world projects to today's complex design teams.

Print from the cloud using AutoCAD WS

HP ePrint & Share enables seamless cloud printing from AutoCAD WS—just click "plot" to print.1
  • Easily print your AutoCAD WS files from the cloud to an HP Designjet ePrinter, whether you're across town or just across the office.
  • HP ePrint & Share allows AutoCAD WS users to gain full control over plot styles, paper sizes, print layouts, and more.
  • When you print from AutoCAD WS, a copy of the file is automatically saved to your HP ePrint & Share Library, making it easy to retrieve, share, or reprint drawings.

Scan hand-drawn changes with AutoCAD Raster Design

AutoCAD Raster Design and HP technology make it easy to quickly scan marked-up, large-format drawings into a familiar AutoCAD environment.
  • The HP Designjet T2300 eMFP can scan an entire drawing—not just a portion of it.
  • Raster Design adds intelligence to your scanned image, making it easier than ever to update your designs.

Plug into the design process

Your mobile device can connect you to the files your team uploads to HP ePrint and Share—and to web-connected HP printers, too.
  • With HP ePrint and Share, you can manage a repository of drawings from your phone—and stay connected from almost anywhere.
  • You can review documents, add notes to them, and send them to print on a a nearby web-connected HP ePrinter, even when you're on the road.

1 Internet access required.