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The growing digital print opportunity for books

The growing digital print opportunity for books
With the rise of digital readers, it's a whole new ballgame for book publishing. And that can be good news for print service providers who are willing to embrace change.

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The digital print opportunity

While digital readers are clearly a disruptive technology, they can create opportunities for print service providers who are poised to seize the day. This is a key takeaway point from an analysis by the InfoTrends consulting and market research firm.

In its report titled "Books: The Digital Print Opportunity Abounds", InfoTrends notes that amidst all the upheaval in the publishing industry, companies that provide print-on-demand services are thriving. "Digital print on demand has become the answer for book publishers that are facing an industry confronted with turmoil," the report notes.

The case for on-demand printing

With all the disruption in the industry, it's tough for publishers to predict sales volumes for printed books. This reality puts them at greater risk of ending up with piles of unsold inventory. On-demand printing takes the unknown variables out of this equation.

Service providers can now cost-effectively print books on demand, even in very small quantities. This capability allows publishers to avoid the costs of unsold inventory and book-storage warehouses. All the while, it allows service providers to jump into new high-growth markets, such as self-publishing and online ordering of backlist titles.

Understand the big picture

If you want to capitalize on the digital print opportunity, you need more than technical knowledge, according to InfoTrends. You also need to cultivate an understanding of the entire book publishing value chain to identify opportunities and threats to profitability. This process includes a detailed evaluation of the comparative costs of operating with digital versus traditional print solutions.

Here's the bottom line

With the rise of digital readers and e-books, it's a whole new ballgame for publishers and print service providers. To win at this game, you've got to be willing to embrace change and capitalize on new digital print technologies that make it viable to print books on demand.

According to InfoTrends, it all comes down to this: "In a market that faces uncertainty about how books will be published and where they will be purchased in the future, users of on demand digital printing technology will ultimately emerge as the winners".

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