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How your business can capitalize on high-speed color inkjet printing

How your business can capitalize on high-speed color inkjet printing
Productivity gains and compelling costs top the list of reasons why InfoTrends anticipates that, by 2015, color inkjet will account for about 40% of digital color pages.

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A rapidly growing market

The continuous feed inkjet printing is hot—and showing no signs of slowing down. If you're a print service provider, you have plenty of options, from compact devices to ultra-high volume web presses with 4-up imaging width and top speeds. High-speed color inkjet also continues to offer productivity gains and compelling cost advantages.

These are key themes you'll find in an InfoTrends multi-client study, The High-Speed Continuous-Feed Color Inkjet Opportunity: Global Insights from Leading Customers. InfoTrends noted: "As the capabilities of the available devices expand, so do the opportunities. By 2015, InfoTrends anticipates that color inkjet will account for about 40% of digital color pages. In fact, color inkjet printing is the fastest-growing sector in the printing industry."

Transaction printing leads the way

Because of its digital backbone, high-speed color inkjet reduces your make-ready processes, increasing the potential for savings across many applications. Transaction printing leads the way, capturing roughly 44 percent of all color inkjet prints. Direct mail is the second-largest application, and books and TransPromo tie for third.

It's no surprise that TransPromo (typically statements with personal messages or targeted ads) is gaining ground. The variable data capabilities of inkjet offer an outstanding alternative to offset imprinting. In fact, it's now estimated that every fifth transaction page is actually a TransPromo page.
 Application Shares of the Volumes Produced on Color Continuous Feed Inkjet Printers

Gaining ground on offset

Respondents to the InfoTrends study reported that currently only 10 percent of the volume run on their printers is replacing non-variable data offset printing. As the market continues to grow, paper manufacturers will offer more choices at more price points and high-speed inkjet will capture additional traditional offset applications.

What lies ahead

Transaction printing applications have become a popular testing ground for high-volume continuous-feed color inkjet printers, and this knowledge and skill is building confidence to expand into new areas. The on-demand book publishing market is emerging as another big opportunity, and digital inkjet printing will continue to replace offset printing volumes in more and more areas.

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