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Customized Success

Customized Success

Story Highlights

  • HP Indigo, Designjet printers help Washington-based company significantly grow its business
  • Company's increase in photobook printing attributed to HP quality, reliability
  • HP innovation helps company continue to grow and expand offerings

HP and innovation: a complete solution


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» HP Designjet Z6100
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» HP Scalable RIP Solution
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» Reischling Press, Inc.

In the commercial printing market, innovation is everything. When Reischling Press, Inc., faced waning margins and intensifying competition, the company employed its spirit of innovation-and some help from HP-to reinvent itself.

In 1999, RPI began partnering with web-to-print providers to fulfill their customers' personalized printing needs-extending beyond the traditional printing services it had provided for more than 20 years. But the digital printers RPI used to compete in this emerging landscape couldn't handle burgeoning business demands.

When the Washington-based company installed three HP Indigo 5000 presses in 2006, they found the solution. RPI's manufacturing partners immediately took notice of the enhanced image quality, and demand for its services increased dramatically-so much so that in 2007 it took eight additional HP Indigo 5000 presses and nine HP Designjet Z6100 printers to meet their partners' needs.

"We've tried other printers in the past," said John Perez, RPI's CEO. "But none of them could stand up to the volume the way HP printers have. We had quality issues, reliability issues and throughput issues. Then we bought HP large-format printers and ran them hard, with no problem. Without these HP printers, we wouldn't be able to provide the full range of high-quality, on-time services our partners demand."

HP Indigo: the profit of progress

HP Indigo: the profit of progress

"If you are going to bet your business on a technology, HP Indigo seems to be a smart bet to make."

-John Perez
Reischling Press, Inc.

To create customized print-on-demand content like note cards, stickers, notepads and photobooks, RPI relies on its fleet of HP printers to deliver crisp, vibrant image quality at the high speeds its partners depend on. The company is also growing its share in the increasingly popular photobook business, thanks to the unrivaled output of the HP Indigo presses.

"In 2007, RPI's photobook business was up about 125 percent, and we expect the same this year," said Perez. "We wouldn't talk about printing a photobook on anything other than an HP Indigo. Without the quality the HP Indigos give us, we wouldn't have that increased business."

RPI prints an average of 8 million color pages a month, with a heavy spike in the busy November and December holiday season, when the company prints up to 20 million pages per month. To accommodate its heavy workloads, RPI relies on the rugged durability of HP Indigo presses. With ink tanks that facilitate continuous press runs, fast stops and job switches, and the HP Indigo Production Manager that keeps several presses feeding at top speed, RPI gets fast turnarounds with decreased labor costs.

"We run our HP presses around the clock for long periods of time," said Perez. "Despite how hard we work these machines, they still deliver it all-quality, durability and labor-saving ease of use."

The HP Scalable RIP Solution (SRS) digital front end added to the HP Indigo presses enables RPI to RIP content and high-quality imagery on multiple presses at full press-engine rated speed, with virtually limitless scalability. Plus, the HP BladeSystems included with the SRS provides IT infrastructure that enhances job loading and balancing across multiple machines and makes upgrading software faster and easier-saving time and money for RPI and their partners. With this HP Indigo system, RPI gets a completely automated workflow and high-performance solution for high-volume, short-run, image-rich print production of exceptional quality.

"Because we print so many different kinds of products, it puts a unique demand on our technology infrastructure. The HP Indigo SRS meets these needs, giving us a rock-solid RIP solution that scales with our increasing volumes. It is critical to our business," said Perez. "If you are going to bet your business on a technology, HP Indigo seems to be a smart bet to make."

HP Designjet: Super wide, super fast, super saver

HP Designjet: Super wide, super fast, super saver

For printing book jackets, posters and large-format applications, RPI depends on its fast, high-quality HP Designjet Z6100 printers. The company delivers accurate, consistent and robust prints for its partners, using the embedded spectrophotometer and Original HP Vivera inks.

The HP DreamColor Technology used in both HP Designjet and Indigo presses delivers exceptional color accuracy and quality-even in fluctuating press environments. The quality and reliability the HP printers deliver has catapulted RPI's success. Since it started using the HP Indigos and Designjets, RPI's revenue has doubled.

"The HP Indigo gives us and our partners superior image quality, so we can print offset-quality content and images-perfect for our growing photobook business. And the HP Designjets help us deliver superb book jackets and posters-giving us a complete solution for exceptional printing," said Perez.

The next chapter: printing into the future

To stay on top of evolving industry trends, RPI has started experimenting with its HP Indigo presses to see how they handle the latest substrates, including recycled and hinged paper stock.

This spirit of innovation is what drives RPI to continue to grow its business. It recently doubled its factory space to 30,000 square feet and plans to open an East coast facility within 18 months.

"Our HP setup puts us in a very competitive place," said Perez. "That's why we are dedicating our new space to more HP products. Our partners know that with HP behind us, we'll continue to offer high quality and efficiency at a lower price. And because HP is constantly evolving and improving its existing products, we can continue to bring in new technologies that meet our partners' changing needs."