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HP delivers high-end solution for Sir Speedy and PIP Printing

HP Designjet Z6100

Staying current with fast, digital printing technology

Mention Sir Speedy or PIP Printing, and fast, high-quality print services come to mind. With more than 1,400 stores in 26 countries, the print shops look to parent company Franchise Services Inc. (FSI) to stay up-to-date with the latest technology. That's where subsidiary Digital Quickcolor (DQI) comes in, offering technology support and recommendations to the Sir Speedy and PIP Printing franchises.

DQI took the new HP Designjet Z6100 printer for a spin and immediately knew it was just what the FSI family of brands needed to better meet the demands of the growing fine arts market.

Meeting fine arts market demands

According to DQI President Ray Wischhover, posters, signs and banners are among the franchise's fastest-growing product segments. Previously, a fleet of HP Designjet 5500ps printers serviced those needs. But the market is demanding ever-shorter turnaround times with higher image quality on an expanded range of applications.

To keep pace, the company needed equipment that could work even faster and deliver print quality to meet the stringent requirements of the burgeoning graphic arts market. The HP Designjet Z6100 printer series had the hallmarks of an ideal next-generation solution.

Passing the test — with flying colors

In Fast, draft-quality mode, the HP Designjet Z6100 printer delivers up to 1,000 square feet per hour on plain paper and up to 250 square feet per hour on photo paper. Normal print-mode speed is impressive, too: up to 173 square feet per hour on coated paper. With eight printheads and the first HP Optical Media Advance Sensor, the printer offers improved paper advance control for printing at higher speeds across changing environmental conditions without impeding image quality.

For Sir Speedy and PIP Printing customers, this means incredible output at a moment's notice, whether it's a poster celebrating a family reunion, an ad for a summer sale or a limited-run fine art print.

"In just five weeks, the Designjet Z6100 has become an indispensable part of our large format production department here at Digital Quickcolor," Wischhover said. "We're obviously excited about the added quality, speed and versatility that the new Designjet Z6100 brings to our network."

After DQI's assessment, FSI began recommending the HP Designjet Z6100 printer series to all its franchises. "We think the Designjet Z6100 will expose our Sir Speedy and PIP franchises to new product opportunities that were previously out of their reach. Color-critical applications, like fine art reproduction or high-end advertising materials are now much more accessible," Wischhover said.

Picture-perfect results

The large format graphic arts markets may have demanding quality needs, but DQI believes the Designjet Z6100 can meet the challenge. "The color gamut is phenomenal. Colors are more stable, and the overall output is more vibrant, with improved shadow detail and no pixilation or banding," Wischhover said.

The stunning results come from eight Original HP Vivera pigment inks, including an HP three-black ink set — matte black, photo black and light gray. Operator John Soltis was amazed by the printer's broad range of blacks and grays with smooth, subtle transitions; true gray neutrality; and rich black density — straight out of the box. "When the Designjet Z6100 was installed, the very first print we made on it was so good we actually delivered it to the customer."

Consistently brilliant — in record time

Not only are the results amazing, they are consistently amazing. The HP Designjet Z6100 includes HP DreamColor Technologies along with an embedded spectrophotometer to help ensure consistent quality and a simplified workflow. Print runs can be confidently split between printers while getting consistent colors from them all. "We have customers who demand very precise and consistent colors. With the Designjet Z6100, we maintain color consistency with a lot less effort," Wischhover said.

Less effort translates to time savings, and that's exactly what the Sir Speedy and PIP Printing franchises need. Turnaround times on the HP Designjet Z6100, compared with the HP Designjet 5500ps printer series, have significantly boosted production capacity and confidence. "With the new Designjet Z6100, we produce prints of the highest quality in half the time," Wischhover said.

Adding even more efficiency and reduced downtime, the HP Designjet Z6100 comes with eight HP Vivera high-capacity ink cartridges (775 ml) and supports new Original HP jumbo media rolls. "Now, instead of working overtime, we often leave the printer to run unattended during the night. Productivity is up, payroll is down. That's a good combination," Wischhover said.

Savings, results easily justify cost

The printer's impressive features will make it easy for the Sir Speedy and PIP Printing franchises to meet the needs of the graphic arts market, while increasing profitability. "The Designjet Z6100 is a device that is easy to cost-justify. It is obvious to us that this device will quickly pay for itself," Wischhover said.

He estimated that with the printer's reduced labor and ink costs, and less waste, the company has benefited from a 30 percent cost savings.* "With the Designjet Z6100 we've probably increased our large format printing capacity by 50 percent or more. It gives us the confidence to sell more work," Wischhover said. And that's really what it's all about: big entries into big printing.
*Results and savings will vary from customer to customer.

HP Designjet Z6100

»HP Designjet Z6100
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Ray Wischhover

"We're obviously excited about the added quality, speed and versatility that the new Designjet Z6100 brings to our network."

Ray Wischhover
Digital Quickcolor

HP Designjet Z6100 Printer series

HP Designjet Z6100 Printer series
Digital print shops, copy shops, quick printers and sign shops will find this HP Designjet (42–60 inch) ideal for reducing their turnarounds and producing high-impact prints with vivid color.

It delivers over 1,000 sqft of output per hour with features that contribute toward optimizing your total productivity — HP Double Swath Technology, HP Optical Media Advance Sensor, long roll support up to 575 ft, and high-capacity HP Vivera Ink cartridges.

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