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Gigantic Color takes on previously out-of-reach jobs and grows revenues with the HP Scitex FB7500


“There have been two business-changing machines
in the past five years. First the
HP Scitex TJ8300 Printer, and now the HP Scitex FB7500 Printer.”

— Troy McGinnis,
General Manager
Gigantic Color

When a national restaurant chain asked Gigantic Color to print its graphics onto 150 corrugated, galvanized tin panels, the large-format printer hardly batted an eye. Ever since its recent purchase of the HP Scitex FB7500 Printer, no substrate has been out of reach—and no order too tall—for the Texas-based company.

“We acid-washed the panels, coated them and ran them through the press,” explains Gigantic Color’s general manager Troy McGinnis. The restaurant chain now has a three-by-five-foot printed tin panel hanging in each of its 150 locations.

“Bringing additional textural elements to this project was a must,” explains McGinnis. “The corporate and franchise owners were impressed with the results and with the way the panels added to the restaurant’s atmosphere.”

Quick Facts

  • Gigantic Color uses its new HP Scitex FB7500 Printer to confidently tackle more jobs and substrates.
  • The media versatility of the HP Scitex FB7500 helps Gigantic Color edge out screen printers.
  • The high-speed HP Scitex FB7500 tripled the company’s flatbed printing capacity.


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Taking it to the limits

For Gigantic Color, digital printing is about more than just fulfilling a customer’s order—it’s about making that customer look better than the competition. “We ask them, ‘How is your piece going to look different from the piece that is sitting next to it?’” says McGinnis. To help make prints pop, Gigantic Color encourages customers to think beyond the usual and consider incorporating a variety of substrates.

Known for using out-of-the-ordinary materials, Gigantic Color can push the limits even further using the HP Scitex FB7500. McGinnis explains:

“Nothing we’ve tried has stopped this printer.”

And the company has tried nearly everything—including leather, corkboard, tile, styrene, expanded PVC, aluminum sheets, wood, stone tiles, glass blocks and tumbled marble. The printer uses UV-curable HP FB221 Scitex inks, which adhere well and maintain consistent quality on a variety of media.

One customer recently needed help turning its ordinary office décor into something extraordinary. So Gigantic Color got creative, printing directly onto leather that the customer then used throughout the entire interior of the office. “It turned out incredible,” says McGinnis. “The customer took the leather we printed on and wrapped cubicles. They also made shelving covers, wall art and even some furniture out of it.”

“By asking a few more questions and getting a better feel for what the customer was trying to achieve, we were able to push the envelope of substrate choices and expectations,” he adds. “This was a really effective way of turning a mundane cubicle into a showpiece.”

Creative, cost-saving solutions

By printing directly onto unique substrates, Gigantic Color helps its customers create a stand-out look without breaking the bank.

Gigantic Color stepped in to help one national restaurant chain print on FRP panels, the plain fiberglass-like panels commonly used in restaurant kitchens and bathrooms. The restaurant wanted to print full-color graphics on the panels and then use them throughout the interior of all of its locations, making for a distinctive yet easy-to-clean look.

Using the HP Scitex FB7500, Gigantic Color printed the entire finish-out décor on FRP panels, which were cut to size and delivered to each location, ready to go. “The restaurant attached them to the walls, and they were done finishing out the interior,” says McGinnis. “They probably cut their build-out costs in half.”

A game-changing printer

The HP Scitex FB7500 hasn’t just expanded Gigantic Color’s ability to incorporate out-of-the-ordinary substrates—the high-speed printer has also helped the company say yes to previously out-of-reach jobs. Dramatically larger orders are coming its way, raising the company’s revenues and allowing it to compete more effectively with screen printers.

In fact, the HP Scitex FB7500, which replaced three existing printers, has tripled the company’s flatbed capacity. The result? A projected 25 to 35 percent growth in flatbed printing revenue.

“We’re winning quotes averaging in the 750 to 1,500 copy range when before we would be lucky to touch jobs that were 200 to 250 copies,” says Gigantic Color owner John Bowers Sr.

And the company can complete these larger jobs faster, as Bowers explains:

“Something that previously took four or five days
is taking just one shift.”

“There have been two business-changing machines in the past five years,” adds McGinnis. “First the HP Scitex TJ8300 Printer, and now the HP Scitex FB7500 Printer. We can now go after markets that were once nearly impossible.”