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Beyond Digital produces top-quality vehicle wraps for NASCAR Canada using the HP Designjet L65500


“Since the installation
of the HP Designjet L65500,
we have noticed an incredible increase in quality.”

— Court Armstrong
Director of
Performance Graphics
Beyond Digital Imaging

Professional auto racers always live life in the fast lane. When they’re not racing around the track, they’re rushing to repair their vehicles in time for the next race. That’s why race teams are turning to Beyond Digital Imaging, the official large-format printer of NASCAR Canada.

The Markham, Ontario-based company supplies quick-turn vehicle wraps for racing teams, as well as signage and displays for the NASCAR organization. And ever since it brought the HP Designjet L65500 Printer on board, Beyond Digital has shifted its printing abilities into a whole new gear.

Quick Facts

  • Beyond Digital relies on the HP Designjet L65500 to print high-quality vehicle wraps for NASCAR Canada.
  • The HP Designjet L65500’s fast printing and sharp colors help teams make fast repairs and look great.
  • Beyond Digital is also able to enter new markets using the HP Designjet L65500.


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True-to-life colors

When it comes to vehicle wraps, the HP Designjet L65500 has given Beyond Digital a jump on the competition. Court Armstrong, director of Performance Graphics for Beyond Digital, explains:

“When we first started wrapping cars,
we had a lot of competition from painters because
they could get really true colors. When this machine
arrived, that problem was solved.”

Beyond Digital was the first to introduce vehicle wraps to teams in the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series. The HP Designjet L65500 has a six-color printing system with water-based HP Latex Inks that gives Beyond Digital the true colors and precise details it needs to compete effectively with painters.

“The ability of the HP Designjet L65500 to zone right in and get tight details is fantastic,” says Armstrong. “We are getting quality as good as or better than painted graphics, and in our business, that is a huge advantage.”

In the fast lane

The high-speed HP Designjet L65500 has also sped up Beyond Digital’s turnaround time, which is crucial to keep racing teams’ schedules on track. Every nick or dent to a car requires a touch-up—often within days of the next competition. Because of the high potential for damage, Beyond Digital uses HP technology and 3M media to produce up to 10 prints per car for each race.

With outdoor-quality print speeds of up to 846 square feet (79 square meters) per hour, the HP Designjet L65500 makes it easy for Beyond Digital to print vehicle wraps quickly without sacrificing quality.

Plus, because prints dry inside of the HP Designjet L65500, Beyond Digital can be ready to wrap the racecar as soon as the print is done. Armstrong explains, “Drying paint takes time. In two hours, we can have the car completely wrapped, finished and cleaned up. They can’t beat that time in paint.”

A win-win situation

For NASCAR Canada, working with Beyond Digital doesn’t just help them present the NASCAR brand at its best. It’s also a cost-effective way to get the drivers’ cars race-ready—and make their sponsors’ logos look exceptional.

“The car wraps are great,” says Richard Coughlin, director of sponsorship for NASCAR Canada. “Not only because of the graphic impact, but for reducing the amount of work teams have to do to make the cars look great every weekend.”

Coughlin adds, “Beyond Digital and HP help us bring the brand into the action in a whole new way. They’ve really expanded our options.”

For Beyond Digital, the HP Designjet L65500 has opened other avenues to new business. Larry Chan, Beyond Digital’s president and CEO, explains:

“The HP Designjet L65500 has
helped us get into new markets.”

“Having the HP Designjet L65500 has allowed our company to go after customers and projects that we couldn’t pursue before,” he says.