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Authenticate your fine-art prints with new technology developed by Prooftag and HP


“When you sell a product
to a collector, you need to
prove that it is what you say
it is. An ARTtrust tag on an
HP print is one of the easiest
ways to do that.”

— Xavier Soule
Galerie Vu

At a time when counterfeiters can easily mass-reproduce a photographer’s work, the ability to certify that a print is original and authentic—and will last a lifetime—is critical. But until recently, this was a time-consuming process for the artist, buyer and gallery owner, and the result wasn’t always reliable.

To help give artists a better way to certify their fine-art prints, Paris-based Galerie Vu turned to ARTtrust, a new self-certification system that puts inventory control back into the hands of artists. Developed jointly by Prooftag™ and HP and endorsed by Wilhelm Imaging Research, ARTtrust is a system of unique, non-removable physical tags that are verifiable online.

Quick Facts

  • ARTtrust helps artists, galleries and buyers certify the authenticity and longevity of fine-art prints.
  • Prints with an ARTtrust tag produced using compatible media and HP Vivera Pigment Inks can be certified to last more than 200 years.
  • Tagged prints retain value over time, even through multiple sales, because sellers can quickly verify authenticity and longevity online.


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By using ARTtrust tags on prints produced on HP Professional Photo Printers, Galerie Vu can easily provide art collectors with traceability and proof of authenticity, as well as certified information about print longevity.

“ARTtrust is easy and fast,” says Xavier Soule, owner of Galerie Vu. “When you sell a product to a collector, you need to prove that it is what you say it is. An ARTtrust tag on an HP print is one of the easiest ways to do that.”

Enhancing the value of a print

The result is increased buyer confidence: collectors can quickly get certified information about the identity and value of their prints. The ARTtrust system works with any pigment print produced on an HP Designjet printer with HP Vivera Pigment inks on compatible media.

“With ARTtrust, you give the buyer total assurance, and not only for the first transaction,” says Pierre-Olivier Deschamps, a photographer represented by Galerie Vu.

ARTtrust ensures a print’s unique value with tags made of a translucent polymer, which contain a pattern of randomly self-generated air bubbles impossible to reproduce—even by the manufacturer. Says Philippe Serenon, ARTtrust’s project director:

Philippe Serenon

“It is a million times more reliable in
terms of uniqueness than a fingerprint. ”

The artist affixes a tag to the back of a print produced on an HP Professional Photo Printer, including HP Designjet Z2100, Z3100 or Z3200 series photo printers, or HP Designjet Z6100 series printers. He or she also places a corresponding tag on a certificate and retains a special one for his or her records. Then the artist registers the ID online, enabling buyers to verify details about how the print was produced.

Vibrant prints that last a lifetime

In addition to providing authenticity, an ARTtrust ID tag on a print created with an HP Designjet printer on compatible media is proof to art collectors that the quality of the print won’t fade.

“You can’t resell a product that has degraded, so ensuring the longevity of the print is essential,” says Jean-François Camp, CEO of Dupon, a high-end digital photo lab with locations in Paris and Bordeaux.

When Dupon produces an ARTtrust-tagged print on its HP Designjet Z6100 Printer, buyers can look up the print online and use ratings by Wilhelm Imaging Research to verify that it will last more than 60 years or more than 200 years, depending on the type of compatible media used.

Setting a new standard for the art world

Henry Wilhelm, director of research at Wilhelm Imaging Research, is pleased with the bar ARTtrust has set for ensuring quality, longevity and authenticity: “It is the first fine-art certification program that requires the use of permanence-tested, high-stability pigment inks and media, and identifies and registers each individual print in a secure and easily traceable way.” He adds:

“ARTtrust sets a new standard for print quality,
permanence and integrity.”