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Paro Printing stays ahead of the competition with HP Indigo digital technology


“Our fleet of digital
print equipment, especially
our HP printers, enabled us to capitalize early in the transition
from litho to digital and pass
on all the benefits and creative
opportunities to our

— Jan-Paul van den Hurk
Owner and CEO
Paro Printing

Ten years ago, Paro Printing was losing market share to a growing number of new competitors. The Netherlands-based print house saw its work supplying marketing collateral, manuals and publications slipping away to large foreign service providers, facilities management companies and global document print managers.

Quick Facts

  • Paro Printing maintains a competitive edge with a 100 percent digital print workflow.
  • Variable-data and short-run capabilities meet customers’ diverse marketing needs.
  • The new HP Indigo W7200 enables control of end-to-end print production.


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Paro printing
To compete, Paro Printing realized it needed to offer clients new methods to reduce costs and better target their marketing. Research led the historically litho-based shop to move to a 100 percent digital print workflow, not simply because of the technology available, but because digital better meets customer needs and enables long-term business growth.

“We can’t afford to relax or become complacent,” says Jan-Paul van den Hurk, owner and CEO of Paro Printing. “We know that the key to our business growth is serving our customers better than our competitors.” For Van den Hurk, the variable-data and short-run capabilities of digital printing proved to be the best way to do that.

On-demand opportunity

Today, the company operates a fleet of HP Indigo digital presses and an online print-ordering facility, which places 85 to 95 percent of the company’s print transactions. Leading Paro Printing’s fleet is the new HP Indigo W7200 Digital Press, which enables the company to maximize new revenue opportunities such as digital book printing.

“We chose the HP Indigo W7200 because it will deliver what our customers need—high-quality, high-speed, high-value, short-run and personalized marketing materials and color books,” says Van den Hurk.

With its new HP technology, Paro Printing can offer cost-effective, on-demand book printing. It now produces a large number of high-end monochrome and color books. Van den Hurk explains:

Jan-Paul van den Hurk

“The HP Indigo W7200 enables us
to achieve the perfect marriage of cover
and inside content for books. ”

The cost-effective mono block production and duplex printing offered by the press is critical to Paro Printing’s ability to meet the market’s speed demands. The company also benefits from the mono plus 4- or 5-color printing.

Transitioning to transpromo

Beyond the growth of print-on-demand publishing, Paro Printing sees data and data accuracy as crucial to the future of marketing.

“The transpromotional market is likely to be the next big application in the digital revolution,” says Van den Hurk. “However, the key to this market is data. Companies wishing to use transactional mail to promote and carry their messaging need a good database.” To meet this need, Paro Printing is expanding its comprehensive services to help customers better manage their customer relationships and maximize sales opportunities.

Paro Printing’s HP Indigo digital presses and HP SmartStream Production Pro and HP SmartStream Ultra Print Servers enable the company to expand its web-to-print workflow and streamline its online ordering service, solidifying its position as an end-to-end solutions provider.

“Marketing ourselves as a solution provider for the whole supply chain, we gather partners and suppliers around us that we can trust. With no intermediaries or third parties, we enjoy a direct customer relationship, which we believe delivers far superior service,” says Van den Hurk.

A global leader

Already a leading provider of premium-quality marketing and publishing service for direct, one-to-one promotions, Paro Printing continues to broaden its reach in the global marketplace. Van den Hurk sees digital printing playing a key role in the company’s future growth:

“HP technology is tried and tested and ideally suited
to our business. We are really excited about the
HP Indigo W7200’s ability to open further doors.”