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CPI stays ahead of the evolving book printing market with HP Graphic Arts technology


“The HP T300 Web Press
is the only inkjet technology
I know of today that has such
amazing output with an inline
finishing device. There’s
nothing else like it. ”

— Bernard Kieffer
Chief Technology Officer

Tradition is at the heart of CPI. As Europe’s largest producer of monochrome books, its 17 locations each have their own history and expertise, but none more distinguished than the company’s oldest plant, Firmín-Didot. Located about an hour outside of Paris, France, its story dates back more than 200 years when it housed the printer for the French monarchy.

Quick Facts

  • CPI acquired the HP T300 Color Inkjet Web Press to make affordable, high-quality short-run book publishing possible.
  • CPI also uses the HP Indigo 7000 Digital Press to produce high volumes of high-quality book covers.
  • The company expects the short-run book publishing market to grow 8 to 10 percent a year.


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“You can meet employees here whose families have been working at Firmín-Didot for five generations,” explains Pierre-François Catté, CEO of CPI. “The people here have ink in their blood, and that’s one reason why we keep introducing new technologies. We want to build on that knowledge and passion for the printing business.”

The company’s latest additions to the Firmín-Didot plant include the groundbreaking HP T300 Color Inkjet Web Press and the HP Indigo 7000 Digital Press. Paired together, the presses complement each other—and CPI’s high-volume work environment—perfectly.

With the ability to cost-effectively produce short runs of up to 3,000 offset-quality books, the HP T300 Color Inkjet Web Press completes CPI’s range of production capabilities. And with the HP Indigo 7000’s stunning quality, the company ensures that every book the web press produces has an impeccable cover that attracts consumers’ attention.

Successful short runs

“Not every book is a bestseller,” explains Catté. “If you want to be an effective book printer, you have to be able to offer a range of print runs.” Until its acquisition of the HP T300 Color Inkjet Web Press, however, CPI was limited to producing long runs on its offset technology.

By avoiding the long setup times and high waste associated with offset, the HP T300 Color Inkjet Web Press makes affordable short runs possible. This enables CPI to capture a share of the short-run book publishing market, which it expects to grow 8 to 10 percent a year. Catté explains:

Pierre-François Catté, CEO of CPI

“We want to be able to print
one book or 1 million. We have
that capability now with the
HP T300 Color Inkjet Web Press.”

Plus, the press easily integrates with other technologies, enabling CPI to run an efficient, fully automated inline finishing system that can produce up to 2,000 finished books per hour.

Outstanding quality—cover to cover

While the press’ ability to produce affordable, short runs is what first caught CPI’s attention, its high-quality monochrome output is making a major impact on the company’s clients.

“The HP T300 is the only inkjet technology I know of today that has such amazing output with an inline finishing device. There’s nothing else like it,” says Bernard Kieffer, CTO of CPI.

CPI’s customized HP T300 Color Inkjet Web Press currently prints monochrome only, meeting the company’s need for crisp, clear text, with the option to upgrade to full color in the future.

While its books are strictly monochrome, the covers CPI produces are anything but. “The cover is rapidly becoming a more elaborate, expensive part of the book,” says Catté. “We scanned the market and found the HP Indigo 7000 was best suited for high-volume, high-quality cover manufacturing.”

With HP Indigo ElectroInk liquid ink, the HP Indigo 7000 allows CPI to produce covers with unmatched offset quality. The press offers up to 7-color printing, providing the widest digital color gamut with 4-, 6- or 7-color PANTONE® emulation, including PANTONE® Goe™.

The next chapter

Looking forward, Catté is confident that the book market will continue to grow, and he believes that HP digital technology will allow CPI to remain a leader in the marketplace. That’s why the company is planning to purchase two additional HP T300 Color Inkjet Web Presses and two additional HP Indigo 7000 Digital Presses. Catté explains:

“We believe the market will evolve toward short runs,
and the combination of the HP T300 and the HP Indigo 7000
is the best solution to address that growth. ”