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CH2M HILL slashes downtime and sharpens detail with the HP Designjet T1200


“With the HP Designjet T1200’s
extra inks, you get clearer, crisper imaging, so you can actually see the line markings and what’s written.”

— Allen Brown
Design hardware administrator

Engineering a chemical plant, orchestrating a nuclear cleanup or building a wastewater treatment plant may not sound glamorous, but it is work that needs to be done—fast.

Quick Facts

  • CH2M HILL—a global engineering and construction firm—relies on the HP Designjet T1200 to cut downtime and produce incredibly detailed prints.
  • The HP Designjet T1200 holds two rolls at once, allowing engineers to print on different sizes or types of paper without changing rolls.
  • A combination of HP Vivera inks produces greater definition and detail in the shading in grayscale prints.


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CH2M HILL is a global firm that provides engineering, consulting and construction services to public and private clients. To avoid holdups in design and building processes, the firm relies on a fleet of HP printers, including several new HP Designjet T1200 Printers. The printers’ fast speeds and media versatility make them ideal for on-site prints and quick client reviews.

Two rolls to save time

Allen Brown, design hardware administrator for CH2M HILL, sets the technology standards for the firm’s CAD workstations and laptops. Before he approves a printer for use by the firm’s 23,000+ employees, Brown carefully tests whether it can withstand rigorous, high-speed work environments. He was immediately impressed with the HP Designjet T1200’s ability to hold two rolls at once. Brown says:

Allen Brown

“A lot of clients will ask for
different-sized sets, and that
can take a while to produce.
The two-roll option allows us to
meet our clients’ needs faster. ”

The HP Designjet T1200 has two online rolls with smart switching, meaning the printer automatically loads the selected roll. Engineers at the same workstation can print on different sizes or types of paper—such as HP Universal High-gloss Photo Paper and HP Universal Bond Paper with ColorPRO Technology—without physically changing the roll.

Greater definition in grayscale

Brown says that he’s spoken with teams of engineers who have also been happy with the added detail they’ve seen with the HP Designjet T1200. The printer has HP Vivera matte black and gray inks that, together with the black ink, give grayscale prints more definition and detail.

The added shading is most important for GIS groups doing three-dimensional, aerial plotting and aerial photographs. “It makes measurements and lines easier to read and look at. With the HP Designjet T1200’s extra inks, you get clearer, crisper imaging, so you can actually see the line markings and what’s written,” Brown says.

The HP Designjet T1200 also produces exacting detail with 0.0008-inch (0.02-millimeter) minimum line width1 and highly accurate drawings with 0.1 percent line accuracy.

HP printing materials, such as HP Universal Bond Paper and HP Bright White Inkjet Paper with ColorPRO Technology, also help CH2M HILL achieve detailed, high-quality prints. “We only use HP media in our HP plotters as a standard firm wide,” Brown says.

Fast maintenance, less downtime

Brown also believes the IT staff will be able to perform printer maintenance more quickly, using a USB port on the HP Designjet T1200 to update firmware directly from a thumb drive, an alternative to updating through the network.

“Being able to pop the firmware on the thumb drive is great,” says Brown. “By downloading directly to a USB device, I probably save myself—and the engineers I support—at least 30 or 40 minutes.”

Again and again, Brown has turned to HP for timesaving technology, outstanding color quality and excellent service. He says:

“The support from HP has been exceptional.
The quality, the price and the support
has been above and beyond.”

1 HP-GL/2 addressable