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Reprographics firm finds the new compact HP Designjet T7100 has endless possibility


“This printer would be
beneficial in a variety of
situations. With this machine, you wouldn’t need multiple printers to do a lot of
different jobs.”

— Alex Mock
Manager of Color Production
BPS Reprographics

Alex Mock, manager of color production at BPS Reprographics in San Francisco, California, is not in the business of disappointing customers. When the San Francisco Street Food Festival asked him to print all of their signs, menu boards and banners on uncoated, brown butcher paper to highlight their organic theme, Mock found a way to make it work.

Quick Facts

  • BPS Reprographics delivered on a variety of projects, using the new HP Designjet T7100 Printer—including jobs they would typically turn away.
  • The HP Designjet T7100 Printer has the versatility to print on a variety of substrates and sizes without compromising speed or quality.
  • The HP Designjet T7100 Printer is compact and easy to use, and according to the BPS team, is like having two high-speed printers in one.


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Anda Piroshki - BPS Reprographics
Fortunately for Mock, BPS was in the process of beta testing the new HP Designjet T7100 Printer. The HP Designjet T7100 has the versatility to print on a variety of substrates and sizes without compromising speed or quality. Mock points out that “the HP Designjet T7100 can print on almost anything.”

Amazing versatility

“Butcher paper leaves a large amount of dust behind, which could destroy some printers,” Mock explains. And even if it does work, he adds, it can be cumbersome, time-consuming and costly. But that wasn’t a problem with the new HP printer.

“We were surprised at how well the HP Designjet T7100 printed on the butcher paper. The media was so thick, we didn’t know if it would even load. Then we didn’t know if the ink would dry. But it all worked out well,” Mock says.

In fact, the HP Designjet T7100 printed 45 signs, menu boards and banners on the butcher paper for the food festival—in just two hours. “The HP Designjet T7100 treated it just like regular paper. The prints were really crisp. Our clients were amazed,” Mock says.

Of course, only about half of BPS’s clients require large-format outdoor signage like the food festival. The other half is made up of architects and engineers. Fortunately, BSP can meet their needs as well, using the HP Designjet T7100 to produce everything from high-quality engineering drawings to large-format presentation materials.

“The HP T7100 gives us more versatility,” says Mock. “Everything that we printed on, aside from the photo media, was uncoated recycled bond. That was very surprising.”

“The HP Designjet T7100 can print
on almost anything. We were able to take
on jobs we would typically turn away. ”

Speed and quality in a compact design

One of the BPS team’s favorite features of the new printer was the HP Smart Roll loading system. Mock explains, “The HP T7100 is a lot smaller than our other printers. We liked that. It was easy to integrate into our space.” He adds, “It’s a compact printer but it holds very large rolls. We used 650-foot (198.1 meter) rolls without a problem.”

Mock estimates the compact printer saved his team 40 to 50 hours a month. “The HP T7100 is about one-and-a-half times faster than our other inkjet printers, but the quality is better and more consistent,” he says.

Quality was another key feature of the HP Designjet T7100. “The printer captured detail very well,” Mock says. “Since it uses ink, we were able to use it for high-quality prints. We were also able to integrate it into more work because prints produced on some of our other machines can’t be laminated or mounted.”

Two-in-one results

With more than a hundred years in the reprographics industry, BSP knows what it takes to make its customers happy, whether they need large-format outdoor signage or architectural and engineering reproductions. According to Mock, the HP Designjet T7100 fits many of his company’s needs. “We liked the speed, ease of use, compact size and the versatility.” Mock continues:

“This one printer, with three rolls,
could easily replace two high-speed printers. ”