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FineArt lives up to its name, with spectacular photo printing from the HP Designjet Z6200


“HP has once again raised
the bar in image quality while simultaneously designing a faster printer.”

— Carlos Escobar
Owner and manager

Large-format fine-art printing presents two enormous challenges: It demands the highest standards of print quality, and achieving that quality can be expensive. It can require multiple adjustments and numerous test prints to get it right. Now, thanks to the new HP Designjet Z6200 Photo Printer, one company in Mexico has found a profitable way to overcome both.

Quick Facts

  • FineArt, Mexico City’s leading fine-art printing company, uses the HP Designjet Z6200 Photo Printer for high-quality print jobs for artists and photographers.
  • Owner and manager Carlos Escobar says the printer has increased overall productivity by up to 30%.
  • Escobar says the new printer is already helping him produce large-format fine-art prints up to 50% faster than other printers.


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Carlos Escobar, owner-manager of the aptly named FineArt, says the new printer’s quality, speed and efficiency is already helping him produce large format fine-art prints up to 50 percent faster than other printers.

“HP has once again raised the bar in image quality while simultaneously designing a faster printer,” says Escobar, who beta tested the new HP Designjet photo printer.

Prints true to the artist’s vision

Escobar considers artists and photographers his most demanding clients when it comes to print quality, and rightly so: “Art is their highest expression, and we have to reproduce what they do to the same standard,” he says.

With the HP Designjet Z6200, he did just that for Argentine photographer Ariel Carlomagno. The photographer has been traveling through Mexico to capture images of people and places for an outdoor photographic exhibition called Latidos de Mexico, or Heartbeats of Mexico.

From an artist’s perspective, Carlomagno says:

Ariel Carlomagno

“The print is my way of
reliving what I photographed.
I’m finding that, with the Z6200,
my effort—my search—is
accurately represented. ”

Escobar says the HP Designjet Z6200’s 8-ink printing system, featuring new pigment-based HP Vivid Photo Inks, delivers the photo quality and exceptional fade resistance1 professional clients like Carlomagno require. In particular, Carlomagno is known for the rich, warm tones in his photography, which come through clearly thanks to the chromatic red included in the 8-ink system.

Faster speeds, reduced costs

Escobar says a number of features on the new HP Designjet Z6200 have helped him save time and increase productivity, including increased automation of the paper-loading process, inks that dry more quickly so prints can be handled immediately, and an automatic reverse roll-up feature that takes the curl out of prints, something he previously did manually.

Along with contributing to overall quality, Escobar says the HP Designjet Z6200’s accurate color reproduction also minimizes waste, which adds up to measurable results: “All of this has increased my productivity by up to 30 percent.”

He adds that reducing the number of test prints has drastically reduced FineArt’s operating costs and improved customer service. “We used to have the clients come back another day to approve the prints,” he says. “Now, with the faster speeds and the top fine-art quality of the HP Designjet Z6200, we can get approval on their first visit. That has already won us orders.”

The proof is in the prints

Along with the HP Designjet Z6200’s advanced technology and broad spectrum of vivid colors, Carlomagno and Escobar agree that using HP media is crucial to achieving a high-quality end result. Escobar used HP Premium Instant-dry Satin Photo Paper for Carlomagno’s exhibition prints, which were then laminated for the outdoor display.

Escobar describes the paper as having a weight that’s very similar to traditional photo paper:

“The image quality is further enhanced
by the better contrast of this HP material, better even
than that of many of the traditional papers.”

FineArt has been testing the HP Designjet Z6200 for a few months now, and its outstanding performance has made the decision to purchase the printer easy for Escobar. He predicts that, with the printer’s combination of quality and speed in producing large-format fine-art prints, he’ll see a return on his investment in less than a year.

1 Prints produced with HP Vivid Photo Inks on a range of HP media offer indoor, in-window display permanence over 1 year unlaminated; over 200 years away from direct sun. Display-permanence rating for interior displays/away from direct sunlight by HP Image Permanence Lab, and by Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc. on a range of HP media. Water resistance and interior in-window display ratings by HP Image Permanence Lab on a range of HP media. For details: www.hp.com/go/supplies/printpermanence.