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Well-known artwork graces the streets of Barcelona, thanks to HP Latex Printing Technologies


“Art in the 21st century
must be brought as close as
possible to the public. We’re
able to do this with the latest
digital technology.”

— José María Amorós
Museum Administrator
National Art Museum of Catalonia (MNAC)

Known for its architecture and artist’s colonies, Barcelona, Spain has long-inspired some of the world’s great art. This year, the renowned National Art Museum of Catalonia (MNAC) chose to honor that same inspiration during its 75th anniversary celebration.

Quick Facts

  • Barcelona’s renowned National Art Museum of Catalonia (MNAC) relied on HP technology to create a stunning outdoor exhibition.
  • HP Latex Printing Technologies faithfully reproduced 33 striking pieces of fine art.
  • To achieve water-fast, stay-true colors the museum relied on HP DuPont Tyvek® Banner.


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To mark the occasion, the museum opened two temporary exhibitions and hosted numerous conferences, lectures and other events. It also decided to bring reproductions of its most emblematic works closer to the people, showcasing them along popular city streets. To create these large-format fine art reproductions, it turned to HP—a longtime partner and sponsor.

“Museums today have to be more than just an exhibition of collections,” explains José María Amorós, the museum’s administrator. “Art in the 21st century must be brought as close as possible to the public. We’re able to do this with the latest digital technology.”

Reproducing masterpieces

The outdoor exhibition, called MNAC Takes the Streets, required high-quality reproductions that could live up to the originals.

“Taking exact replicas of some of our most emblematic exhibits to the streets and showcasing them before Catalonians seemed unfeasible at first,” admits Amorós. “But following similar HP exhibitions in London, New York and Moscow, we were convinced that this would be high impact and attractive.”

To faithfully reproduce the 33 works of art, HP relied on its HP Latex Printing Technologies, including the HP Scitex LX800 and HP Designjet L25500 printers.

Eva Blanco, HP PR and communications manager, recalls the reaction of MNAC’s restoration department when the first of the test prints rolled off the HP Scitex LX800. “The stunning 1200 dpi image quality delivered by the LX800 left them speechless,” she says.

Amorós adds:

“HP passed the test by fulfilling our primary goal
of faithfully reproducing the paintings. ”

“The resemblance to the originals was much closer than our restoration experts had expected,” he says.

Withstanding the inevitable

Along with achieving color accuracy that could match the originals, MNAC needed to ensure that the high-quality prints could withstand the inevitable weather conditions associated with an outdoor exhibit, particularly one that would be on display for at least two months.

Fortunately, outdoor prints produced on HP Latex Printing Technologies achieve display permanence up to five years laminated.1 Plus, the scratch, smudge and water resistance is comparable to low-solvent inks.1

Each print, ranging from 1.97 ft x 3.05 ft (60 cm x 93 cm) to more than 27 ft2 (2.5 m2), was also produced on lightweight, recyclable2 semi-gloss HP DuPont Tyvek® Banner and bolstered with lamination to deliver water-fast, stay-true colors critical to the outdoor exhibit.

“We chose to use Tyvek® media because it’s really the perfect fit for the outdoor signage,” explains Blanco.

Printing for the people

According to Amorós, the stunning outdoor exhibition is already catching the attention of visitors and locals:

“The image quality instantly
captured the public’s attention. ”

And that’s important because beyond celebrating MNAC’s 75th anniversary, Amorós says that the real goal is to increase the community’s interest in the museum’s collection and bring more visitors through the door.

“I believe the exhibit will encourage Catalonians to explore the magnificent art collection that Barcelona is privileged to hold,” he adds.

1 HP image-permanence and scratch-, smudge-, and water-resistance estimates by HP Image Permanence Lab. Display permanence tested according to SAE J2527 using HP Latex and low-solvent inks on a range of media, including HP media; in a vertical display orientation in simulated nominal outdoor display conditions for select high and low climates, including exposure to direct sunlight and water; performance may vary as environmental conditions change. Scratch, smudge, and water resistance tested using HP Latex and low-solvent inks on a wide range of HP media; water resistance is comparable when printed on water-resistant substrates. Laminated display permanence using Neschen Solvoprint Performance Clear 80 laminate. Results may vary based on specific media performance and scratch-testing methodology. For more information, see www.hp.com/go/supplies/printpermanence.
2 HP offers the HP Large-format Media take-back program in the U.S. and Europe, through which most HP recyclable signage media can be returned; availability varies. Some recyclable papers can be recycled through commonly available recycling programs. For details, visit www.hp.com/recycle. Aside from this program, recycling opportunities for these products are currently available only in limited areas. Customers should consult local recycling resources for recycling these products.