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Rotolito Lombarda turns to the HP T300 Color Inkjet Web Press for cost-efficient, short-run printing


“Today’s run lengths,
book sizes and paper stocks
are all well suited to production
on the HP T300.”

— Emanuele Bandecchi
Digital Business Developer
Rotolito Lombarda SpA

As a major book and publications printing company whose client base includes publishers, leading fashion brands and general retailers, Rotolito Lombarda SpA knows the importance of meeting customer demands.

Quick facts

  • With the HP T300 Color Inkjet Web Press, Rotolito Lombarda SpA offers its customers affordable solutions, such as short runs that help reduce inventory costs.
  • Rotolito Lombarda also uses the HP T300 Inkjet Web Press to satisfy major international clients’ expectations with high-quality output.
  • The HP T300 Color Inkjet Web Press helps Rotolito Lombarda save money, reduce inventory and conserve resources.

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Lately, as marketing and distribution trends have changed, those demands have become more focused around shorter production runs and lead times. This led Milan, Italy-based Rotolito Lombarda on a search for a printer that would allow it to create high-quality customized content in low-volume runs, saving both time and money.

“We have been monitoring the development of digital printing since its début on the market,” says Emanuele Bandecchi, digital business developer at Rotolito Lombarda. “But we needed to identify a system that could address the specific needs of book production. After extensively testing the HP T300 Color Inkjet Web Press, we knew it was the right choice.”

When quantity counts

The HP T300 Color Inkjet Web Press is designed to avoid the long setup times and high waste associated with offset, enabling cost-effective, quality production. “Today’s run lengths, book sizes and paper stocks are all well suited to production on the HP T300,” says Bandecchi.

“The HP T300 Color Inkjet Web Press has enabled us to address short-run demands, including personalization and variable data production,” he adds. “We want to concentrate in these areas as we have seen huge opportunities in this sector.”

Bandecchi explains that publishers are focused on reducing the costs of maintaining warehouses and inventory. With the HP T300 Color Inkjet Web Press, publishers can print copies on demand. This allows the flexibility to print only what is needed and reduce waste. “Publishers are putting in shorter, but more frequent orders,” he says.

Emanuele Bandecchi

“With the new HP T300, we can
address these requirements, cutting
production time while delivering
the results customers want. ”

Quality solution

While the ability to produce shorter, customizable runs is valuable to publishers, digital quality is equally important. Bandecchi explains that for digital output to be a viable substitute to offset printing it must also be indistinguishable in the supply chain.

“The important factor is that the HP T300 produces books of the quality that major international customers expect—books that are difficult to tell from offset,” he says.

Bandecchi adds that with the HP T300 Color Inkjet Web Press, the quality is the same as conventional, sometimes even better, because digital printing helps guarantee color consistency in the results.

The HP T300 Color Inkjet Web Press produces remarkable results with high-quality text, images, graphics and uniform area fills.

Answering demands

Other benefits of the HP T300 Color Inkjet Web Press noted by Bandecchi are environmental. Shorter runs mean less paper waste, and the water-based inks translate to a reduced environmental impact. These features are of particular interest to some of customers who want their prints to be as environmentally responsible as possible.

Customers taking advantage of this include Gruppo Sole 24Ore, one of Italy’s main publishers in the financial sector. For Gruppo Sole 24Ore, Rotolito Lombarda prints financial and legal books in runs of 900 to 2,500 copies.

The versatility of the HP T300, from run lengths to output, is something Bandecchi holds in high regard. “We knew we had a gap in our flexibility to respond to demands for short runs with our existing equipment,” he says.

Now with such a reliable digital solution in his corner, Bandecchi sees new possibilities and revenue streams that Rotolito Lombarda can pursue.

“This was the solution we had been waiting for.”