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FotoKnudsen scales up its production of personalized photo products using HP Indigo 7000 Digital Presses


“As a company that likes
to lead and set trends rather than follow, we find HP’s
products inspiring.”

— Ronny Kvalvaagnes
Chief technology officer

When the consumer photo business started going digital, FotoKnudsen AS of Bergen, Norway, knew it had to transform its established film developing business to compete. The company, founded by award-winning photographer Ove Knudsen, decided to begin printing photo books. Soon it was offering calendars, posters, cards and other personalized photo products.

Quick facts

  • FotoKnudsen expands production and retains high quality with a second HP Indigo 7000 Digital Press.
  • New HP technologies let FotoKnudsen offer innovative printing such as personalized, odorless1 wallpaper prints.
  • FotoKnudsen looks to new business opportunities using the HP Indigo 7000 Digital Press and HP ElectroInk White.

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Looking to expand production capacity, FotoKnudsen added an HP Indigo 7000 Digital Press in January 2010—gaining a 100 percent increase in production. And business continues to grow.

Today FotoKnudsen is the only remaining large-scale photo production business in Scandinavia, offering over 500 products via its 25 retail stores and popular website (www.fotoknudsen.no). Along with its HP Indigo 7000, the company relies on a fleet of HP technology, including an HP Designjet L25500 Printer and three HP Designjet Z6100 Printers.

Increasing production while preserving print quality

While its new HP Indigo 7000 helped FotoKnudsen meet the challenge of increased business, the company realized it was fast approaching a new hurdle—Christmas. Facing the steep spike in production that always accompanies the holiday season, FotoKnudsen decided to acquire a second HP Indigo 7000 Digital Press.

“From our experience with our existing HP Indigo 7000, we knew the second press would deliver reliable, consistent print production and boost our capacity significantly,” says Ronny Kvalvaagnes, chief technology officer at FotoKnudsen. “It saved our Christmas, in a way.”

Retaining high quality was equally important, for the holiday season and beyond. The HP Indigo 7000 gives FotoKnudsen the ability to produce a wider digital color range, with seven-color printing and PANTONE® Emulation for true photo quality. Kvalvaagnes notes:

“High-standard print quality is essential
to retain customer satisfaction. The HP Indigo 7000
provides the perfect balance for our business. ”

Finding the flexibility for inventive print products

To keep in step with its customers’ evolving digital needs, FotoKnudsen makes good use of all its HP Graphic Arts products. Lately, the company has been using its HP Designjet L25500 to produce innovative applications that really wow customers.

A big hit has been personalized wallpaper, just right for Norway’s booming interior decoration market. And HP Latex Inks printed on HP PVC-free Wall Paper require no curing or off-gassing time1, saving up to two days compared with solvent-based inks.

“Using our HP Designjet L25500 with its water-based HP Latex Inks, we can produce high-quality, odorless1 prints that can be installed as soon as they’re printed,” says Kvalvaagnes.

Setting the stage for new opportunities

While FotoKnudsen benefits from HP Graphic Arts technology today, the company is constantly exploring ways its HP fleet can help attract future business. It’s currently considering expanding its HP Indigo 7000 to include HP ElectroInk White, the first white ink for sheet-fed digital presses.

Available in the first half of 2011, HP ElectroInk White will let FotoKnudsen print on colored, transparent and other media. As the company develops more products and services for consumers and businesses, such as a web-to-print portal option, these applications will become crucial for ensuring more revenue growth.

“As a company that likes to lead and set trends rather than follow, we find HP’s products and approach to the development of digital technology inspiring,” says Kvalvaagnes. He adds:

“Our HP technology is enabling us to be
at the forefront by offering fast and dependable
high-quality print products.”

1 Printers using HP Latex Inks use internal heaters to dry and cure the latex polymer film. Some substrates may have inherent odor.