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Bluemedia goes national with the HP Scitex TJ8300 Printer


“HP Scitex has given
us the opportunity to
go from a local player
to a national player.”

— RJ Orr
VP of Sales, Partner

Bluemedia, a large-format print service provider specializing in vehicle graphics, is a print production powerhouse. With clients ranging from professional sports teams to advertising agencies all over the United States, the Arizona-based company is a national competitor. But that wasn’t always the case. In the last ten years, bluemedia has turned big dreams into big results with a fleet of HP Graphic Arts printers, including the HP Scitex TJ8300 Printer.

Quick facts

  • With the HP Scitex TJ8300, projects that used to take bluemedia up to 20 hours now take 32 minutes.
  • Up to 80 percent of the work bluemedia prints now comes off of the HP Scitex.
  • The HP Scitex has allowed bluemedia break into new markets and offer new applications, such as backlits.
  • For more information about bluemedia products printed with HP Scitex technology, visit: www.bluemedia.com.

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Today, up to 80 percent of bluemedia’s printed products come off of the HP Scitex TJ8300. And with the ability to print up to 5,166 ft² (480 m²) per hour, it’s no wonder R.J. Orr, bluemedia vice president of sales, considers the machine the foundation of the company’s growth.

“The impact of the HP Scitex has been tremendous. It’s given us the opportunity to go from a local player to a national player,” explains Orr.

Staggering turnarounds

In a fast-paced industry, success goes to those who can deliver speed and quality. Now, bluemedia can immediately respond to requests and deliver products like vehicle graphics at speeds that would have seemed unbelievable before it installed the HP Scitex. Bluemedia president, Jared Smith, draws an incredible picture of the company’s new efficiency, saying:

Jared Smith

“We used to print a full bus
wrap in approximately 20 hours.
It now takes 32 minutes. ”

“We have 60 employees and a 55,000 ft² (5110 m²) facility. We serve clients nationally and internationally. The HP Scitex is our workhorse,” he adds.

The high speeds pose no threat to quality, though. In fact, when Smith first saw the machine in action, he says he had trouble believing his eyes. “It was just mind-blowing,” he recalls. “I had no idea you could print that fast at that resolution. My partner and I actually went around to the back of the machine to make sure they weren’t running pre-printed sheets through, because the quality was unbelievable.”

Color that counts

According to bluemedia partner, Darren Wilson, aside from speed, there’s no single factor more important to meeting client satisfaction than color accuracy. And the HP Scitex delivers the consistent, accurate colors that set bluemedia apart.

On a recent project created for a professional race car driver, bluemedia used its HP Scitex technology to print vehicle wraps directly on metallic vinyl. But the real test was matching the colors in the print to the intense red base-paint on the car. Using the HP Scitex, bluemedia was able to capture the shade exactly—creating an eye-catching display.

And HP Scitex Inks give the company the freedom to print on most flexible media, including film and durable transparencies. That’s allowed bluemedia to expand its printing services to include backlits and more.

Expanding possibilities

The newfound capabilities and opportunities made possible by the HP Scitex have given bluemedia the capacity and confidence to take on new projects—and grow revenue. Since acquiring the HP Scitex TJ8300 in 2007, Wilson says the company’s annual revenue has increased by 45%.

Smith adds, “There were projects that we really wanted to take on, but with the equipment that we had before, it just wasn’t possible based on speed, price point—all those things.”

“The HP Scitex has made all of that possible.
It’s an absolute game-changer. ”