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Photographer Ariel Carlomagno captures the heart of a nation with help from HP


“Printing is the part
that allows you to share.
It’s the bridge between
you and other people.”

— Ariel Carlomagno

“When you arrive somewhere to take your first picture, it’s a very intimate moment between you and the location,” says renowned Argentinean photographer Ariel Carlomagno. It’s an experience he knows well—travel has become an essential part of his photography.

Quick facts

  • Photographer Ariel Carlomagno created 100 stunning fine-art prints, using the HP Designjet Z6200 and HP Premium Instant-dry Satin Photo Paper.
  • The spectacular exhibition prints captured the rich, warm tones the artist is known for.
  • The speed of the printer also allowed Carlomagno to meet the production deadline for his outdoor exhibition in Mexico City.

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Most recently, Carlomagno, a National Geographic photographer and member of the HP Experts & Mentors program, completed an eight-month journey around Mexico. The result: Latidos de México, or Heartbeats of Mexico.

“What motivated me to go on this trip is a desire to use my camera to help people get to know one another,” he says. “Printing is the part that allows you to share. It’s the bridge between you and other people. The HP Designjet Z6200 Photo Printer enables me to do exactly that.”

Perfecting the portrait

From starlit ruins in Oaxaca to the weathered face of an elderly woman in Chihuahua, Carlomagno’s photos intimately portray the heart of Mexico’s past and present.

“As a photographer, I keep moving in search of the perfect portrait; this very intimate, close encounter,” says Carlomagno, adding:

Ariel Carlomagno

“I’m successful when I create
that link, that empathy, and obtain
those intense textures. I want all
of that expressed in the print.”

According to Carlomagno, the HP Designjet Z6200 has proven to be the perfect tool to produce his images, many of which are portraits.

“Faces have lots of subtle differences in tones and textures,” he explains. “I want to capture that perfectly in digital prints. What I’ve noticed in the prints from the HP Designjet Z6200 is the vividness of the colors. I need a wide color gamut, and this printer gives me that.”

Blending art with logistics

With his eight-month journey complete, Carlomagno had just a few weeks to prepare for an exhibition of Latidos de México in Mexico City. The outdoor exhibition, which took place along a one-mile (1.5 km) section of the city’s extensive Chapultepec Park in December 2010, featured 100 large-format prints of the artist’s work, each measuring 4 x 6 feet (1.2 x 1.8 meters).

Carlomagno knew he could count on FineArt, Mexico City’s leading fine-art printing company, and the HP Designjet Z6200 to produce high-quality prints in the short timeframe.

“The logistics of getting everything printed and in the right place on time was daunting,” he says. “The speed of the printer gave me more room to maneuver, more time to decide which images to include.”

Carlomagno also worked with HP, one of the exhibition sponsors, to select the optimal paper to meet the challenges presented by an outdoor exhibition. “I chose HP Premium Instant-dry Satin Photo Paper, because it offered the sharpness and contrast I wanted,” he explains.

Closing the cycle

To date, more than 5 million visitors have passed by Carlomagno’s exhibition, seeing the photographer’s stunning exhibition prints firsthand. For Carlomagno, the prints hold a special significance.

“The print is like meeting the origin of my object of photography again. It’s the closing of a cycle. You begin to understand that the whole effort was worth it,” he explains.

“The Z6200 meets the complexity
of my work, my expectations—in fact,
it exceeds my expectations.”