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PVP increased sales dramatically in one year with HP Scitex FB7500


“In 2010, we multiplied
our production by five.
We increased our market
share and diversified our
activity, thanks in part to
our investment in these
two printers.”

— Frédéric Barbey
PVP France

For nearly 30 years, PVP has created durable, directional signage for supermarkets and other major retail stores from its location in the Burgundy region of France. In 2008, the company sought to increase its sales by expanding into Point of Purchase/Point of Sale (POP/POS) marketing.

Quick facts

  • PVP’s production capacity was multiplied by five, and waste reduced significantly, thanks to two HP Scitex FB7500 printers.
  • The company is set to achieve a return on investment (ROI) two years ahead of schedule.
  • PVP’s expansion into POP/POS is just one of the ways HP Scitex printers have enabled the company to diversify and increase production.

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POP/POS typically involves short-term displays—such as posters, stands, and counter cards—that are created using many different materials, ranging from cardboard to polyvinyl chloride (PVC). And customers typically need such signage in short order.

To better meet the demands of this fast-paced market, PVP purchased two HP Scitex FB7500 printers at the end of 2009. The greater speed and versatility offered by HP Scitex technology have enabled the company to successfully move into this new market—and to see an immediate increase in sales.

Incredible speed

With its previous equipment, PVP’s maximum production capacity was 1,080 ft2/hr (100 m2/hr). Its new HP Scitex FB7500 printers have boosted output by an incredible 500%, and the company now prints up to 5,380 ft2/hr (500 m2/hr). Frédéric Barbey, president of PVP, confirms that the impact of this speed increase has been significant:

Frédéric Barbey

“In one year, we went from
€6 to €9.5 million in sales, and
our investment in these two
printers contributed to this. ”

PVP is now able to take on jobs that would have been impossible to fulfill before it invested in HP Scitex equipment. One of these jobs was a publicity launch for Raiponce (called Tangled in the U.S.), an animated Disney movie released in late 2010. For the campaign, PVP printed 32,280 ft2 (3,000 m2) of 3.94 x 3.94 ft (1.2 x 1.2 m) double-sided, microflute cardboard panels—all in less than three days—thanks to the amazing speed of its HP Scitex printers.

Valuable new options—and savings

The HP Scitex FB7500 also offers PVP the same high-quality output as screen printing, while providing a range of print modes and finish options. Different print modes on the HP Scitex support specific types of POP/POS output: some are specially designed for smaller-format advertising, for example, while others are ideal for large-format signage on corrugated cardboard.

The multiple finishes—including matte, semi-glossy, and glossy modes—help maximize variability in the final printed piece. “Glossy is really bright,” Barbey explains. “We can play around more with the selection of these modes, to create both matte parts and glossy parts."

Digital printing also results in fewer errors than screen printing, so with the HP Scitex FB7500, waste production is greatly reduced. Further savings for PVP have come from the size and shape of its HP Scitex machines, which consume less power and floor space than multi-color screen printers and large-format offset presses.

Upgrades and support

The HP Scitex FB7500 is also so easy to use that PVP employs only one operator to manage both of its machines. Everything is automatic—including loading the media—which helps reduce downtime between sheets and jobs. PVP can also start, stop, and restart a print run without changing the settings on the printer. Barbey explains:

“We see this device more like a platform that,
thanks to HP, will develop, improve, and
be regularly upgraded over time. ”

PVP is now considering investing in a new HP printer with HP Latex Inks, so that it can begin printing on flexible media, such as flags. This would enable the company to continue its impressive growth into other new and exciting markets.