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DPC Plot24 AG delivers quick results for the construction industry with the help of the HP Designjet T7100


“We want to offer the
best and fastest solution
to every customer and for every order. To do so, we
always need the fastest
and most efficient printers
on the market.”

— Ralph Lehmann
DPC Plot24 AG

“Our customers are professionals in the construction industry,” says Ralph Lehmann, owner of the print service provider DPC Plot24 AG. “And they expect us to produce plots that are just as professional.”

Quick facts

  • The Designjet T7100 prints about 30% faster than DPC Plot24's older devices, allowing them to produce more in a shorter time period.
  • The company cut paper costs by two-thirds after switching to the Designjet T7100.
  • The printer’s size and efficiency has helped DPC Plot 24 achieve corporate growth without increasing physical space.

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The company’s 30 employees provide support for a large number of customers throughout Switzerland, and meeting those customers’ high standards in a short time is a daily challenge for the printing company.

“We want to offer the best and fastest solution to every customer and for every order. To do so, we always need the fastest and most efficient printers on the market,” says Lehmann.

That’s why DPC Plot24 recently turned to HP for a new solution. “When HP announced a new generation of high-performance devices, the HP Designjet T7100, we wanted to try it immediately," says Lehmann. After testing the devices for a few months, DPC Plot24 became one of the first companies to install two of the new printers.

Speedy results

“Plot service nowadays is an hour-by-hour business. We have to be able to produce large quantities at very short notice,” explains Lehmann, who guarantees his customers delivery of standard prints within four hours of order receipt. “Speed and performance capability are essential to assert your position in the market.”

The HP Designjet T7100 prints up to 1,320 ft2 (123.3 m2) per hour and quickly made an impact on the company. Lehmann explains:

Ralph Lehmann

“In comparison
to our old devices,
the HP Designjet T7100
prints approximately
30% faster.”

“For our customers, that means the plans are on site faster and we are now able to handle more and larger orders.”

DPC Plot24 not only prints plans in all sizes for its customers, it also delivers them throughout Switzerland, even directly to the construction site if necessary—so every minute counts. The HP Designjet T7100 has three rolls and can automatically change them based on the job, eliminating complex and costly roll changes and saving DPC Plot24 even more time.

Reduced costs with media compatibility

DPC Plot24 was especially interested in the HP Designjet T7100 compared with the previous generation of devices because of its ability to print on standard uncoated 90 gm² paper with the same quality as on coated paper, which can be significantly more expensive.

“The new devices have reduced our paper costs. Bearing in mind we use several thousand square meters of paper every year, that provides us with clear advantages in regard to variable costs,” says Lehmann.

Plotting the future

Today, DPC Plot24 has replaced three older-generation devices with two of the new devices. “This enables us to increase output using less space, which means we will not have to expand our premises if we want to continue to grow in future.”

Lehmann is clear about HP’s impact on his company: “The HP Designjet T7100 devices take us a step further toward providing a faster and better service for our customers.”

“Without HP printers, we would definitely
not be where we are today.”