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Contractors save time and money in the building process with HP Designjet web-connected printers


“I no longer have
to outsource printing,
and I control when, how,
and on what media I
choose to print.”

— Charlie Byrd
IntelliStructures, Inc.

Success in the construction industry sometimes means managing the daily chaos that comes with inevitable changes on a building project, be it a commercial or residential job.

Quick facts

  • The PanelWrights team uses the one-click ease of the HP Designjet T2300 eMFP to scan and share hand annotations.
  • IntelliStructures relies on HP ePrint & Share to easily access, change, save, and share content.
  • Both companies use their HP Designjet ePrinters to print TIFF, PDF, and JPEG files directly from a USB drive, with no computer required.

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Businesses like PanelWrights, LLC, and IntelliStructures, Inc., both located on the east coast of the United States, know about changes and chaos. The two companies are innovators in the specialized field of structural insulated panels (SIPs), providing framing for residential and commercial construction.

As builders, they frequently have to communicate, approve, and enact design or blueprint changes quickly, and with a variety of individuals and teams—from architects and engineers to subcontractors and clients.

Recently, both businesses turned to new HP Designjet solutions for help.

Changing and sharing on the fly

For Charlie Byrd of IntelliStructures, testing the new HP Designjet T790 ePrinter was all about control—over exactly what and when he prints. As a small business owner, Byrd doesn’t have the luxury of repeatedly sending costly printing jobs out to a third party. He explains:

Charlie Byrd

“The T790 saves me time,
money, and resources. And
we’re a small company, so
that’s very important.”

“I no longer have to outsource printing, and I control when, how, and on what media I choose to print,” he adds.

As a critical business tool, the HP Designjet T790 enhances professional collaboration. Byrd can print directly from his computer or USB drive without installing drivers, or he can use the color touchscreen to print directly from the web.1 And Byrd can share and access files among not only his own team, but with colleagues in the building industry as well.

Working together just got easier

Fellow contractor Al Cobb of PanelWrights, LLC, also tested one of HP’s latest collaborative printing solutions. PanelWrights found the HP Designjet T2300 eMFP to be a valuable, versatile tool when it came to coordinating all the variables in its construction business.

Cobb immediately recognized the value of the first-ever web-connected printing system with multifunction benefits. “We have a technological advantage with the T2300 eMFP and HP ePrint & Share,” he says. “It allows us to be more efficient and communicate more easily and effectively with everyone involved in a project—property owners, subcontractors, architects, and engineers.”

The HP Designjet T2300 eMFP also makes it easy for Cobb and his team to print from wherever the job takes them—in the office, with the client, or at the job site—and on a range of printing materials, from HP Universal Bond Paper to HP Universal High-gloss Photo Paper. And because it’s so easy and intuitive, the HP Designjet T2300 eMFP lets PanelWrights focus more on clients and drawings and less on printing.

Sharing the success

Byrd and Cobb agree that each of their jobs becomes easier when they’re able to communicate and share easily on a far-flung project with a lot of moving parts. “With so many people having a hand in the recipe, there’s a lot to track to make sure the building goes together,” says Cobb. He says collaboration is the key.

“We know that we’re all looking at the same
drawing. HP Designjet technology allows us to get that
building up much more quickly and efficiently. ”

1 HP ePrint & Share is a free web-printing solution that lets you automatically manage content online. It requires an Internet connection.