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Cargraphics cuts costs and transforms its business with transpromotional printing and the HP Indigo 7000


“With the HP Indigo 7000,
we’re seeing more consistent
quality, faster printing times
and easier file processing.”

— Iván Ballesteros
Marketing and cross-media manager

After the recent economic downturn, Cargraphics, a Latin American print division of the Carvajal Organization, started looking for new ways to help its clients in the financial and insurance industries meet their cost-cutting goals.

Quick facts

  • Cargraphics turned to the HP Indigo 7000 Digital Press to cut costs and add functionality after the recent economic downturn.
  • By using the HP Indigo 7000, Cargraphics migrated to transpromotional printing, boosting client satisfaction.
  • Cargraphics marketing manager, Iván Ballesteros, estimates the HP Indigo 7000 has decreased turnaround print time by up to 25 percent.

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“We began looking at transpromotional printing solutions to answer our customers’ need for better cost margins,” says Iván Ballesteros, marketing and cross-media manager at Cargraphics. “But we didn’t want to sacrifice quality or speed.”

So, the company invested in the HP Indigo 7000 Digital Press. And right from the beginning, it found the results it was looking for. “With the HP Indigo 7000, we’re seeing more consistent quality, faster printing times and easier file processing,” says Ballesteros.

Iván Ballesteros

“We’ve been able to
maintain our prices
without sacrificing
quality. It has worked
perfectly for us.”

Crossing into transpromotion

With consumers’ tendency to spend more time reading their statements than marketing materials, Ballesteros knew transpromotional marketing would be a good fit for his clients. And the HP Indigo 7000 offered the perfect way for Cargraphics to expand into that market.

Now, the company prints up to 40,000 direct mail and transpromotional pieces each month on its new digital press, with as many as 30 variables across a single campaign or promotion.

The HP Indigo Print Care package also helped smooth the transition to transpromotional printing. The package allows Cargraphics access to on-press and remote diagnostics, guided troubleshooting, and live support with remote access.

Full-color statements

Since expanding into transpromotional printing, Cargraphics has also begun full-color printing with its new digital press. Credomatic, a financial institution serving countries throughout Latin America, was one of Cargraphic’s first clients to migrate to full-color transpromotional printing.

Initially, Credomatic was concerned that printing variable data would add time. However, with an average of 120 pages printed per minute in full color, Ballesteros estimates the HP Indigo 7000 has actually decreased his turnaround time by up to 25 percent—without increasing cost margins.

And, the variable data allowed Credomatic a new level of personalization. “We showed them how they could put a lot of variable data in the statement without causing confusion,” Ballesteros says. “So far, they are very happy with the results.”

Looking ahead

Ballesteros is excited to grow his company’s relationship with HP. “HP is showing us what’s coming in terms of variable data and technology,” he says. “It’s not only the machine, it’s the relationship and the tools to really maximize all of the value the machine can offer.”

According to Ballesteros, the HP Indigo 7000 is the first step in what he expects to be a long relationship with HP. “Having HP as a technology provider has helped Cargraphics build our brand,” he says. “It helps our clients feel comfortable knowing we have the backing of a great company like HP. We hope to bring more HP technology into our business as we move forward.”

That’s one reason Cargraphics is currently looking to add the HP T200 and T300 Color Inkjet Web Presses. Ballesteros says:

“Digital printing is the future.
We are migrating in that direction,
and HP is helping us do that. ”