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Courier meets a need for short-run book publishing with the HP T300 Color Inkjet Web Press


“The HP T300 allows you to print what you know you’re going to sell, rather than what you hope you sell.”

— Jim Conway
President and CEO

What’s the worst thing that can happen to a book? Ending up in the garbage, unused and unprofitable for the publisher who ordered it.

Quick facts

  • Courier met a customer demand for short-run book publishing with the HP T300 Color Inkjet Web Press.
  • In addition, Courier prints book covers that rival offset quality on the HP Indigo 7000 Digital Press.
  • The company is now using its three HP T300s to expand to new markets with customization and variable data work.

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Courier Corporation, a Massachusetts-based printing company, wanted to help its customers avoid traditional, larger print runs and the risks that come with them—wasted materials and wasted money.

Enter the HP T300 Color Inkjet Web Press. Now Courier can offer customized, short-run printing that rivals the quality of offset.

“The HP T300 allows you to print what you know you’re going to sell, rather than what you hope you sell,” says Jim Conway, president and CEO of Courier.

It was the start of a new chapter for both the company and its customers.

Short print runs reduce waste

Powered by its new HP T300, Courier opened an all-digital printing division called Courier Digital Solutions. The HP T300’s low-volume print runs proved cost-effective, since it eliminates the long setup times and waste associated with offset.

Now, publishers can order the exact product and quantity they need at any given time. This more effective business model encourages publishers to order more test runs of new books or short runs of older titles that would otherwise be taken out of print. Conway explains:

Ana Bassat

“No more keeping
print runs in inventory
or, worse yet, throwing
them away. ”

Steve Franzino, vice president of technology at Courier, explains further. “We’re able to remove waste out of the process and service the entire life of the book, from early adoption to backlist and out-of-print copies,” he says.

And, Franzino adds, not only is Courier meeting its original targets for the press—it’s exceeding them. “The demand was there right from the start.”

Quality rivals offset

Before discovering the HP T300, Courier had been disappointed with the quality of several other digital printing solutions.

“The big advantage we have is the high level of quality,” Franzino says. “It’s important for our customers to have a digitally produced product that can mix and match with the offset equivalent product.”

For book pages, Courier prints on Utopia® Book Inkjet paper from Appleton Coated, developed jointly with HP to run full-color jobs at up to 400 feet per minute—an industry first. To complete the premium-quality look, Courier prints covers, using an HP Indigo 7000 Digital Press.

“The quality of covers using the HP Indigo 7000 Digital Press is in some ways superior to offset,” Franzino says. “And we can print in very low run quantities. So it’s a perfect fit.”

Volumes of business

The web press proved so popular that Courier purchased a second HP T300 just six months after installing its first—and then recently added a third to expand into new markets.

“We’re getting involved with some customization work for a large education publisher,” Conway says. “Again, we’re taking the waste out of the process and giving both the professors and the publishers exactly what they need. It gives us a nice competitive advantage.”

Courier is also exploring variable data applications for the financial and healthcare sectors. Franzino says:

“We believe that the future of publishing
is in inkjet. As that technology evolves, we believe
HP is the right company to be with.” ”