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Campus print shop adds new applications and more capacity with the HP Designjet L25500


“The HP Designjet L25500
saves us money, time, and labor. But what it really does
is open up a whole world
of possibilities.”

— Francisco Quinonez
Assistant Director of Procurements
University Printing Services, CSU Dominguez Hills

A college campus is a busy place. At California State University, Dominguez Hills (CSUDH), University Printing Services (UPS) handles about 90% of all campus printing needs, producing everything from course exams to signage.

Quick facts

  • University print shop relies on the HP Designjet L25500 to print a wide variety of jobs for campus customers.
  • University Printing Services can now print on an extensive range of media, from recyclable HDPE banners to HP PVC-free Wall Paper.
  • HP Latex Inks together with Caldera operating software deliver quality results in a streamlined workflow.

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To take on this diverse set of needs, UPS relies on the HP Designjet L25500 Printer for versatile applications, ease of use, and cost efficiency. Not only does the printer make the grade, but it also delivers a remarkable return on investment.

Enabling business growth

Previously, UPS produced much of its work on an HP Designjet 5500 series printer. But as its workload grew, the print shop began to outsource a large number of jobs that were too big or complicated, or required alternative media for outdoor applications.1

It was clear that UPS needed more capacity. Emmit Williams, assistant vice president of Contracts and Procurement at CSUDH, explains:

Emmit Williams

“As a business,
our choice was to
stagnate or evolve
and grow.”

“We basically had to make a university decision whether to move the print shop forward or to stay with basic services—and outsource everything else,” Williams adds, recognizing that he had to consider more than just cost. Purchasing a new printer was an investment opportunity.

Versatile applications

Equipped with a new HP Designjet L25500, the print shop staff saw immediate results in improved versatility, capacity, and quality.

Francisco Quinonez, assistant director of procurements, manages all UPS operations and can speak to the HP Designjet L25500’s impact. ”The HP Designjet L25500 saves us money, time, and labor,” he says. “But what it really does is open up a whole world of possibilities when it comes to the size and variety of the jobs we can do now.”

Thanks to the HP Designjet L25500, UPS now has the capacity to print on a variety of media, from recyclable HDPE banners to a range of gloss and matte photo papers. One recent job for the University Art Gallery called for a dramatic backdrop printed on HP PVC-free Wall Paper.

Print quality is getting noticed, too, with students, faculty, and customers going out of their way to comment on how good the prints look.

Easy on users and the environment

The HP Designjet L25500 is incredibly user friendly, with easy-to-replace printheads and dual take-up rolls so that big jobs require almost no management. Combine this with production-oriented operating software from Caldera, and UPS enjoys a more streamlined workflow and simplified color management.

The HP Designjet L25500 also uses HP Latex Inks, which require no hazard labels and are designed to need no special ventilation equipment.2 They also are designed to produce odorless3 prints that are ready to use right out of the printer. Plus, it’s free and convenient for UPS to return used signage produced on compatible printing materials through the HP Large-format Media take-back program.4

Today, UPS is a finalist in the Synergy Project, a CSU system-wide collaborative project among campuses to identify cost savings and to secure the right to assist in printing and reprographic services at the Chancellor’s office. Meanwhile, other schools in the CSU system are asking Williams how to replicate some of his team’s success. He says,

“People both on and off campus recognize the quality
product we can turn out with HP technology. It has played
a huge role in our growth and success. ”

1 For best results, print on polyester fabric that does not stretch. Performance may vary depending on media. Please consult your media supplier for compatibility details.
2 Special ventilation is not required to meet U.S. OSHA requirements on occupational exposure to VOCs from HP Latex Inks. Special ventilation equipment installation is at the discretion of the customer—no specific HP recommendation is intended. Customers should consult state and local requirements and regulations.
3 Some substrates may have inherent odor.
4 HP offers the HP Large-format Media take-back program in the U.S. and Europe, through which most HP recyclable signage media can be returned. Availability varies. Some recyclable papers can be recycled through commonly available recycling programs. For details, visit www.hp.com/recycle. Aside from this program, recycling opportunities for these products are currently available only in limited areas. Customers should consult local recycling resources for recycling these products.