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Diliman Preparatory School reimagines the classroom environment with HP graphics printing


“We know the classroom is a big factor in a child’s learning. Our classrooms, decorated by HP prints, will be beautiful and inspiring for the students.”

— Nikki Coseteng
President and CEO
Diliman Preparatory School

When Diliman Preparatory School in Quezon City, Philippines, began an extensive upgrade of its facilities, classroom design was a key focus. The teachers knew that the appearance a classroom can have a strong impact on a child’s ability to learn. To create a bold, colorful, and inspiring atmosphere for its students, Diliman turned to HP.

Quick facts

  • Diliman Preparatory School relied on HP wide-format printing to re-energize its classrooms.
  • HP printers were used to create stunning prints that could be applied to walls, tables, cabinets, and chairs.
  • The school was able to uphold its ethos of sustainability, thanks in part to HP Latex Inks.

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“Years ago, I saw an exhibition showcasing quality, full-color printing on a variety of surfaces,” explains Nikki Coseteng, president and CEO of Diliman. “I was fascinated. I saw a door with The Incredibles printed on it, plywood printed with a beautiful Indian woman, and glass printed with the image of a horse. I knew that’s the way I wanted my school to look.” The HP Designjet L25500, HP Scitex LX800, and HP Scitex FB500 printers helped Coseteng to realize her dream.

Classrooms infused with color

Working with Scan Livingston Graphics, a print specialist with a wide range of HP solutions, Diliman can now take advantage of exciting, large-scale images in its buildings. The school, which serves 2,400 students from preschool through college, began with redecorating the preschool classrooms.

Christine Valdez, a class adviser at Diliman, explains:

“The classroom is very important in the
learning process. If it’s is too pale or too plain,
it can make lessons boring.”

The flatbed design of the HP Scitex FB500 Printer lets users print on virtually any rigid or flexible surface such as wood, glass, and fabric. Now for the first time, the school can apply prints directly to tables, cabinets, and chairs. Shelves are covered with prints produced with HP Wrinkle-free Flag with liner allowing for more texture and contrast. Floor to ceiling, the preschool classrooms have all been redecorated with colorful, stimulating designs.

Coseteng believes the prints will make students more interested in coming to school. But she’s quick to add that, beyond aesthetics, the new images are also learning tools.

“If we are talking about animals,” she explains, “we can ask the kids to explore the classroom, look at their environment, and identify the animals they see.”

Odorless1 and eco-friendly

HP Designjet L25500 and HP Scitex LX800 printers use water-based HP Latex Inks to produce odorless,1 non-toxic prints—another factor in Coseteng’s decision.

Because the prints are odorless,1 the teachers were able to start using the room immediately, without waiting for any display odors to disperse. And with easy, wallpaper-like application, the prints in the classroom were ready in just a day.

In addition, prints produced with HP Latex Inks on HP PVC-free Wall Paper meet the GREENGUARD Children & Schools standard for low emitting products2 and the AgBB criteria for health-related evaluation of VOC emissions of indoor building products.3

Reimagining the classroom

Impressed with the results of the HP technology, Coseteng says, “It’s amazing to have printed walls, fabrics, rubber sheets, glass, and wood. Even the faculty members think that they’re in another world.”

Coseteng is looking to roll out the same design project in other areas of the school, using HP wide-format printers to reimagine the traditional look and feel of a classroom.

“We hope printing will become part of the core experience of every student and faculty member,” says Coseteng, adding:

“With the support of HP printers,
we can convert this school into an
ideal learning environment. ”

1 Some substrates may have inherent odor.
2 HP PVC-free Wall Paper printed using HP Latex Inks is listed in the GREENGUARD product listing for low emitting products and is tested to the GREENGUARD Children & Schools standard. The print is neither GREENGUARD nor GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certified. The GREENGUARD Environmental Institute is an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) authorized standards developer that establishes acceptable indoor air standards for indoor products, environments, and buildings. See www.greenguard.org.
3 The Committee for Health-related Evaluation of Building Products (AgBB) establishes the fundamentals for a uniform and reproducible health-related evaluation of building products in Germany, including criteria for testing and an evaluation scheme for health-related evaluation of VOC emissions from building products used for application indoors.