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O’Neil Data Systems meets client needs at full speed with a fleet of HP Inkjet Web Presses


“Uptime was over 80%.
That’s 20% better than any
of the other manufacturers’
presses we’ve used.”

— Steve Ellithorpe
Operations Manager
O’Neil Data Systems

O’Neil Data Systems is no stranger to high-volume, variable data printing. The company prints Investor’s Business Daily, financial statements and prospectuses, and direct mail and publications for diverse industries.

Quick facts

  • O’Neil Data Systems offers versatility to its clients by becoming the first company to own the entire HP Inkjet Web Press line.
  • Using the HP T300, O’Neil Data Systems printed 1.8 million four-color pages per day.
  • Uptime remains high with the HP T300, allowing O’Neil Data Systems to print 24 hours a day, 6 days a week.

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In 2009, O’Neil Data Systems adopted the HP T300 Color Inkjet Web Press for its ability to print 100% variable data at high speeds. The HP T300’s high productivity, reliability, and quality helped O’Neil Data Systems convert more clients to digital printing and handle its highest volumes ever, virtually without interruption.

Recently, O’Neil Data Systems became the first company to own the entire HP Inkjet Web Press family—including the HP T200, T300, T350, and the new T400.

Printing at full speed

One of O’Neil’s most challenging jobs is to print millions of health insurance welcome kits, which require a customized letter and a tailored directory of physicians and facilities.

HP Inkjet Web Presses were designed to address complex needs like this, producing 100% variable content at up to 600 feet (183 meters) per minute. Using its HP T300, O’Neil Data Systems was able to print more than three million kits in just over 3 months.

Jim Lucanish, the company’s president, has noticed a tremendous increase in productivity since 2009.

Jim Lucanish

“The HP T300, in four colors,
is four times faster than the mono-only
device we were running.”

The HP T300 also streamlines O’Neil’s operations. Before it owned an HP Inkjet Web Press, the company used multiple printing devices on a print campaign. Now, a single HP Inkjet Web Press can do the same job.

Maximized uptime

During O’Neil’s peak season, the HP T300 produced 1.8 million four-color pages daily. To achieve that volume, the press had to run reliably 24 hours a day, 6 days a week. “Uptime was over 80% for those 3 months,” says Steve Ellithorpe, operations manager. “That’s 20% better than any of the other manufacturers’ presses we’ve used.”

The press’s high performance and minimal maintenance enabled the company to deliver print jobs on time, handle more printing, and add revenue.

Print quality and color enhance content

O’Neil Data Systems also takes advantage of the HP Inkjet Web Presses’ print quality on a variety of media to expand the company’s offerings and realize cost savings.

“Our health care clients’ call centers were spending 20 minutes per call with customers who were confused by data in their welcome kits. By making it cost-effective to highlight important information in color, we’ve saved them more than 10 minutes per call, for an average savings of $10–$12 each,” says Mark Rosson, vice president of sales and marketing.

O’Neil Data Systems achieved additional cost savings by printing high-quality color on most standard uncoated media, thanks to the unique HP Bonding Agent in the HP Web Press printing process. “The print quality on uncoated paper allowed us to go down from fifty-pound to forty-pound stock, enabling our customers to save approximately 20% on postage,” says Ellithorpe.

O’Neil Data Systems is also the first company to install the HP T400 Color Inkjet Web Press. Bolstered by the combined power of its many HP Inkjet Web Presses, the company is looking forward to opening an all-digital facility in Texas. As O’Neil Data Systems says on its website:

“We have the bandwidth to get any job done.”