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Label printer wins clients and doubles output with the HP Indigo WS6000


“We’ve been running work
on flexo that was too long
to be cost-effective on our older digital presses. Now,
we can move these jobs to
the HP Indigo WS6000.”

— Maui Chai
President and cofounder
Flexible Technologies

Flexible Technologies
From day one, Flexible Technologies has leveraged digital printing to offer customers excellent quality and fast turnaround, with little to no need for inventory management. For cost-effective short runs, this label and packaging printing company has trusted several generations of HP Indigo digital presses.

Quick facts

  • Flexible Technologies doubled output with each of two HP Indigo WS6000 Digital Presses.
  • The HP Indigo WS6000 allows FlexTech to migrate more work from flexo to digital, improving profit margins.
  • FlexTech is attracting new business by using the HP Indigo WS6000 to deliver shorter, more cost-effective print runs.

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“We’re a very customer service-oriented company. Our customers really like quick turnarounds,” says Maui Chai, president and cofounder of FlexTech. “HP Indigo digital presses have allowed us to take what would have otherwise been an impossible situation and offer a solution to the customer.”

In 2010, FlexTech purchased an HP Indigo WS6000 Digital Press. The resulting surge in business and positive customer response led FlexTech to purchase a second HP Indigo WS6000 only months later.

Twice the output

At 98 feet (30 meters) per minute for four-color jobs, a single HP Indigo WS6000 Digital Press replaced two of FlexTech’s existing digital presses. Says Chai,

Maui Chai

“The HP Indigo WS6000
gave us twice the output as
our previous digital presses,
helping us complete more
jobs, faster. ”

Now that operators can load more work onto the presses, FlexTech can complete rush orders the same day—or even the same hour. Chai says that with two HP Indigo WS6000s, FlexTech has completed jobs within 45 minutes of receiving the customer’s file. “That’s the marvelous thing about digital,” he says.

More profitable work

For FlexTech, profit margins tend to be higher with digital work than with flexo. And with the HP Indigo WS6000, FlexTech can transfer even more print jobs—up to 13,000 linear feet (about 3,962 meters)—from conventional printing to digital, while continuing to achieve superior quality, productivity, and profitability.

“We’ve been running work on flexo that was too long to be cost-effective on our older digital presses. Now, we can move these jobs to the HP Indigo WS6000,” Chai says.

In addition, business overall is picking up at FlexTech. Chai says that customers are starting to catch on to the benefits of digital printing over traditional flexo. “Our work is growing every year.”

Short runs save money

Powered by its HP Indigo WS6000 Digital Presses, FlexTech can print shorter runs at a cost-effective price. These smaller orders offer flexibility to customers, particularly those with many product SKUs or those who want to market products to ultra-niche markets. If a product label must change slightly, the customer can get the new label faster and avoid throwing away thousands of outdated labels.

Chai challenges his customers by asking them to calculate their true cost for labels, which are usually printed on flexo. “It’s not just the price for printing but also how much inventory and time you waste,” he explains.

For example, one customer scrapped $900,000 worth of outdated labels that had been printed on flexo. Chai says that was when a light bulb went off for the customer.

“Digital labels can cost significantly less and
can offer better quality. It became a matter of not if our
customers would switch to digital, but when. ”