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Nivell Publicitari boosts productivity with the HP Designjet L28500 Printer


“We are up to 30%
more productive with the
HP Designjet L28500.”

— Manel Morera
General Manager,
Nivell Publicitari

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Since opening for business 10 years ago, print service provider Nivell Publicitari has sought out technology that enables it to offer customers superior products and prompt service. In recent years, satisfying its ever more environmentally conscious clientele has become a high priority as well.

Quick facts

  • Thanks to the HP Designjet L28500 Printer, Nivell Publicitari increased its productivity by up to 30%.
  • Nivell expanded its product catalog to include textile applications up to 104 inches (2.5 meters) by using the
    HP Designjet L28500 Printer.
  • HP Latex Printing Technologies have allowed Nivell to print on a much broader range of HP printing materials, including recyclable options.2

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To advance its productivity and product offerings, while reducing its environmental impact, the Barcelona, Spain-based company set out to retool its capabilities. It began investing in HP Latex Printing Technologies, starting with an HP Designjet L25500 Printer. Today, Nivell is beta-testing the next generation, the new 104-inch (2.5 meter) HP Designjet L28500.

Superior productivity and top quality

The ability to produce wide-format output by using the HP Designjet L28500 has taken Nivell’s productivity to a new level. “We are up to 30% more productive with the HP Designjet L28500,” says Manel Morera, general manager, adding:

Manel Morera

“Thanks to its 104-inch
[2.5 meter] printing width,
we can print large displays
in one piece rather than two,
saving us time.”

“On the wider rolls,” Morera explains, “we can also print a higher number of smaller images at once. And because prints are dry when they come off the printer, we can turn jobs around more quickly.”

The output quality and printing width of the HP Designjet L28500 has made an impression on many of Nivell’s customers, including longtime patron Club Joventut de Básket de Badalona (Badalona Basketball Club). For photo shoots, the team requires large backdrops that are 236 x 104 inches (6 x 2.5 meters), a perfect fit for the printer’s width.

“We used HP Heavy Textile Banner for the project, which offered excellent density and image quality,” says Morera. “The customer was satisfied before—now they are even happier.”

Attract environmentally conscious customers

Nivell has found that HP Latex Printing Technologies and HP recyclable printing materials are both big draws for environmentally conscious customers as well. One of the most popular product offerings has been HP Double-sided HDPE Reinforced Banner.

“It’s 100% recyclable, and this makes it attractive to environmentally conscious customers, particularly corporations, municipal authorities, and large companies,” says Morera. He adds, “We’re really pleased with the robustness and image quality of double-sided printing on HP Double-sided HDPE Reinforced Banner as well.”

The example Nivell sets through its own recycling efforts also resonates with its customers. “We have been using HP’s Planet Partners program1 to recycle all our HP consumables, and we highlight the 100% recyclable characteristics of our products printed using HP recyclable printing materials2 and HP Latex Inks as a value-added feature that more and more customers appreciate.”

Great versatility, higher profitability

While the increased productivity of its new print technology has allowed Nivell to maintain extremely competitive pricing, the versatile output of the HP Designjet L28500 Printer has increased Nivell’s ability to offer innovative applications.

“On our eco-solvent printing technology, we had to print on coated textiles, and choice was limited. HP Latex Printing Technologies allow us to print on a much broader range of recyclable,2 uncoated textiles and alternatives to PVC, so we can offer customers greater product variety,” says Morera.

“We have expanded our product catalog with
attractive, high-image-quality, textile applications
up to 104 inches [2.5 meters].”

1 Visit www.hp.com/recycle to see how to participate and for HP Planet Partners program availability; program may not be available in your area.
2 HP Large-format Media take-back program availability varies. Recycling programs may not exist in your area. See www.hp.com/recycle for details.