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HP Designjet technology helps Bofill easily turn hand-drawn sketches into digital documents


“We get the image quality
and color consistency we
need with HP Designjet technology.”

— Julia Morgado
Architect and Chief of Presentations
Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura

Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura’s creative process still starts the same way it did when the firm was founded more than 40 years ago—with hand-drawn color sketches. The Barcelona, Spain-based architecture firm then converts these large-format project renderings into printed presentations for potential investors.

Quick facts

  • Bofill can more accurately represent output colors using the automatic color-calibration technology offered by
    HP Designjet Z-series printers.
  • The large-format scanning capabilities of the HP Designjet T1200 HD Multifunction Printer help Bofill streamline its workflow.
  • Bofill turned its large-format archives into versatile digital copies with the
    HP Designjet T1200.

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Capturing the colors and nuances of each sketch is a vital part of Bofill’s efforts to win project bids. However, the firm lacked the ability to properly recreate the pencil-to-paper feel in its presentations. That’s why it turned to HP Designjet technology for comprehensive workflow solutions—without changing its time-honored creative process.

With the addition of an HP Designjet Z6100 Printer1 and an HP Designjet T1200 HD Multifunction Printer, the firm’s process of color matching, large-format scanning, and printing is more accurate and efficient—giving Bofill the results needed to secure high-profile international projects.

Accurate colors and high-quality prints

Reproducing the colors and textures in its hand-drawn sketches was particularly challenging for Bofill, but thanks to the HP Designjet Z6100 Printer and an HP DreamColor monitor, the company now gets precise color matches—and the vivid output it needs to impress investors.

Using the HP DreamColor monitor, Bofill can begin its color-matching process more accurately by calibrating and viewing an image’s true colors onscreen. “The colors produced by the HP Designjet Z6100 reliably match the colors on my monitor,” explains Julia Morgado, architect and chief of presentations

When Bofill’s architects are ready to print, they rely on the HP Designjet Z6100 to achieve high-quality images and precise color reproduction time and again. The printer automatically adjusts its color profile based on the media being used, so when the company prints its presentations on HP Everyday Pigment Ink Photo Paper—or any other HP media—the colors appear as planned. “We get the image quality and color consistency we need with HP Designjet technology,” says Morgado.

Faster color matching and large-format workflows

In addition to offering precise color matching that leads to outstanding output, HP Designjet technology helps streamline the scanning and color-matching process, adding efficiency to Bofill’s workflow.

“Setting up color profiles used to be a manual process
and involved a lot of trial and error. ”

With the automatic color calibration and fast print speeds of the HP Designjet Z6100 Printer, Bofill can now make deadlines with ease.

Scanning sketches and project plans also used to be a time-consuming task until Bofill turned to the efficient, large-format scanning capabilities of the HP Designjet T1200 HD Multifunction Printer.

“We would have to fold A0/E-size sketches of concepts, scan them on an A3/C-size black-and-white scanner, and then stitch them back together in Photoshop®,” says Morgado. With the HP Designjet T1200, Bofill has the ability to quickly scan large-format sketches and easily reproduce high-quality line drawings. “The time saved allows us to incorporate last-minute requests by customers and still meet the deadline—without any stress.”

Versatile digital plans and archives

The HP Designjet T1200 HD Multifunction Printer is also helping Bofill convert its large-format archives to digital copies—enhancing the firm’s editing and sharing options, as well as accessibility. With company records that date back to the 1960s, old plans are sometimes needed for new projects—and that means they need to be incorporated into Bofill’s digital workflow. Morgado explains:

“By adopting HP technology, we have
maintained our creative freedom by developing
a more fluid and intuitive workflow. ”

“That ensures our ability to compete for multiple projects all over the world,” Morgado adds.

1 The HP Designjet Z6100 Printer has been replaced by the HP Designjet Z6200 Printer.