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Pro Touch Media creates new worlds with HP Latex printing and HP PVC-free Wall Paper


“Since we installed our
HP Designjet L25500 Printer
we have been able to take full
control of the production
of our products.”

— Glenn Newell
Pro Touch Media

The idea to start Pro Touch Media, a company that designs and prints wallpaper, came to Glenn and Angie Newell in 2009 when they were decorating their child’s nursery. “We were talking about how great it would be to cover the walls with wallpaper from our favorite childhood stories, but we couldn’t find a supplier, so we decided to produce our own,” says Glenn Newell.

Quick facts

  • HP PVC-free Wall Paper and HP Latex Inks allow Pro Touch Media to create odorless murals1 that have a lower environmental impact than PVC-containing alternatives.
  • HP Designjet printers and HP PVC-free Wall Paper are easy to use, accelerating the delivery and installation of a range of applications.
  • Pro Touch Media, under its Pro Art brand, has grown its business 200% and reduced its costs 50%, thanks to its
    HP Designjet L25500 Printer.

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The couple, based in Western Australia, began by outsourcing the printing to a company that used solvent inks on PVC vinyl, but the vinyl took days to cure and the odor lasted for weeks. They realized that the market had tremendous potential, but to tap into it fully they needed a solution that was odorless, easy to use, and allowed their designs to stand out. That’s when the Newells turned to HP.

Easy to use at every stage

In October 2010, Pro Touch Media decided to begin printing in house. It purchased an HP Designjet L25500 Printer, allowing its business to do even more. Glenn Newell says, “We have found unlimited applications.” He adds:

“The versatility of the HP printer
has allowed us to expand our
services with very little effort. ”

Newell has also found that the HP Designjet is easy to use. “I had an hour’s training on it and I’ve printed more than 10,000 square feet [approximately 1,000m2] of wallpaper alone. I love this printer.”

With more than 230 mural designs available in its catalog under its Pro Art brand, Pro Touch Media’s success depends on being able to print, pack, and ship customized orders within days. Newell notes, “We wouldn’t be able to turn around prints that quickly with a solvent printer because we’d have to let the prints de-gas, so speed to market is a major benefit with this printer.”

And HP PVC-free Wall Paper helps every installation go more smoothly. Not only can Pro Touch Media install large, complex murals with fewer people than in a comparable vinyl installation, but its customers are finding that their ability to reposition HP PVC-free Wall Paper after it has already been affixed to the wall is taking the sweat out of self-installations.

Creating an ideal environment

In 2010, the Newells donated and installed a giant wall mural in the toddler playroom at the Princess Margaret Hospital for Children in Perth, Australia. The glass-walled space had an aquarium feel, and Newell thought that the vibrant, bright images of sea life in Finding Nemo would be a good fit.

“The kids have responded brilliantly to it,” says Newell. And more importantly, because Pro Touch Media used water-based HP Latex Inks and HP PVC-free Wall Paper, the prints were odorless1 and offered a lower environmental impact than printing materials containing PVC.2 Newell adds:

“When you’re putting something like this
up around children, you need to be careful
about the material and inks being used. ”

A growing business

“Since we installed our HP Designjet L25500 Printer we have been able to take full control of the production of our products,” says Newell. His company has sold hundreds of prints to the private sector, and its retail business is expanding to states across Australia. Newell estimates that his business has increased by 200% and his production costs have been cut in half.

Pro Touch Media’s initial installation at the Princess Margaret Hospital for Children has led to additional installations at the hospital and has gotten the attention of many in the commercial sector. Newell expects his business to continue to grow thanks to the capabilities of his HP Designjet printer.

“It’s a very exciting time for the business, and partnering
with high-profile brands like HP is of great benefit. ”

1 Some substrates may have inherent odor.
2 HP PVC-free Wall Paper printed using HP Latex Inks is GREENGUARD Children and Schools CertifiedSM (see www.greenguard.org) and meets AgBB criteria for health-related evaluation of VOC emissions of indoor building products (see www.umweltbundesamt.de/produkte-e/bauprodukte/agbb.htm).