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Your Print Solution attracts new business with a winning web-to-print model and the HP Indigo 7000 Digital Press


“Part of our objective
was to show that we could
be something more than a
print provider: We could
be a communication
partner as well. ”

— Steven Brown
Your Print Solution

With four different menus per restaurant and 150 locations—each with its own pricing—it’s no wonder Your Print Solution found it challenging to produce menus for Wimpy UK. “Each version could take five to six hours to prepare artwork and check,” says Steven Brown, director at Your Print Solution, based in High Wycombe, United Kingdom.

Quick facts

  • The combination of the iWay web-to-print system and the HP Indigo 7000 Digital Press increased Your Print Solution’s end-to-end capabilities.
  • iWay helped Your Print Solution improve its workflow—and streamline its customer’s ordering process.
  • The HP Indigo 7000 Digital Press gives Your Print Solution the ability to print up to 120 pages per minute in full color.

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The 15-person print service provider wanted to keep Wimpy’s business, but it needed a more efficient way to produce large volumes of variable data. That’s when Your Print Solution turned to its HP Indigo 7000 Digital Press and new iWay™1 web-to-print system—a combination it hoped would streamline its pre-press process and enhance the power of digital printing.

Your Print Solution put its new process to the test during a meeting with Wimpy’s executives, making the restaurant chain the first of many clients to experience the time-saving benefits of web-to-print and HP Indigo technology.

End-to-end solutions

In the meeting with Wimpy, Your Print Solution demonstrated the new online interface for the restaurant chain. “We showed them how it works using their brand elements, and plugged them right into their templates,” says Brown. “Part of our objective was to show that we could be something more than a print provider: We could be a communication partner as well.”

To illustrate the ease of online ordering and the efficiency of digital printing, Brown asked a Wimpy executive to name a price for a hamburger on the spot. “Someone said, £8.88, and we entered the sample order,” says Brown. Within 20 minutes, the HP Indigo 7000 Digital Press completed the job, and Brown handed the sample prints to Wimpy’s executives, who were impressed by the intuitive process and finished product. Brown explains:

“The impact was such that discussions
quickly moved to cost, implementation, training,
and the practical aspects of production.”

Web-to-print workflow efficiency

The HP Indigo’s impressive print quality and speed, paired with the easy online ordering and customization enabled by the iWay web-to-print system, continues to impress Your Print Solution’s customers. For Wimpy, the process cut the time managers spent organizing price information—and reduced content errors.

The solution also improved Your Print Solution’s productivity. Plus, Brown adds: “Integrating the iWay web-to-print solution with our HP Indigo digital press was straightforward.” That compatibility was important for achieving maximum efficiency gains.

The HP Indigo 7000 gives Your Print Solution the ability to print up to 120 pages per minute (ppm) in full color or 240 ppm in monochrome or two colors. Thanks to its new process, the company now produces 250,000 4-color variable data pages every six weeks for Wimpy.

“Our HP Indigo 7000 Digital Press delivers the same quality and reliability for sales pitches and the final jobs,” adds Brown.

Small company, big capabilities

Your Print Solution’s increased capabilities allow it to compete head to head with larger print service providers—and attract impressive international clients, including the UK branch of a Hollywood studio. In just the last year, the company grew more than 30%. Brown concludes:

“[I’d attribute our growth to] our web-to-print offering,
the increased capacity of our digital press, and educating
our customers about the opportunities enabled
by digital printing.”

1 Formerly Press-sense iWay, now Bitstream.