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Pureprint delivers value-packed, personalized catalog covers, using the HP Indigo 7500 Digital Press


“We were able to achieve a
competitive price point that
did not blow the project out
of the water.”

— Simon Cooper
Business Development Director
Pureprint Group Ltd.

Successfully connecting with customers through mass-mailed catalogs takes a clever strategy and eye-catching presentation. Recently, fashion and mail-order company J.P. Boden & Co. Ltd., began looking for a new way to reach women receiving its catalog, but not yet making purchases.

Quick facts

  • Using the HP Indigo 7500 Digital Press, Pureprint easily incorporated variable data into top-quality catalog covers for one fashion company.
  • With color print speeds up to 120 letter or A4 pages per minute, the HP Indigo 7500 efficiently produced 100,000 personalized catalog covers.
  • Thanks to the HP Indigo 7500, Pureprint delivered a successful variable data campaign that received a 31% response rate—and cut campaign costs by 45%.

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"It was clear we were going to have to work harder to encourage them to buy our products," says Jacqui Whitewick, marketing manager of offline recruitment. Boden came up with the idea of personalizing its catalog covers, but it needed a print service provider with the expertise and technology to produce top-quality results—at a great value. It found what it was looking for in Pureprint Group Ltd. and the company's two HP Indigo 7500 Digital Presses.

Technology for personalized campaigns

Thanks to its extensive experience with variable data printing and HP Indigo technology, Pureprint stood out as the clear choice to execute Boden's catalog concept. "We wanted to include a quirky message, representative of Boden's brand values, personalized with the recipient's first name on the front cover of the catalog," says Whitewick.

To handle that level of customization, Pureprint relied on its HP Indigo digital presses, which are offered with a range of HP SmartStream workflow solutions to support variable data printing and scaling environments.

Before sending the job to Pureprint, Boden created the design and artwork in-house, and collected the variable data for its 100,000 individualized catalog covers—a print quantity the print service provided knew it could handle with ease, using the HP Indigo 7500.

Top-tier image quality

Along with offering the level of personalization Boden wanted for its catalog covers, Pureprint relied on its HP Indigo technology to meet the fashion company's stringent print-quality requirements. Anne Beales, senior production controller at Boden explains, "Color accuracy and the ability to see textures and details are vital when producing a fashion brochure." Beales adds:

“We were confident that HP Indigo presses
could produce the print quality we needed.”

HP Indigo technology—with exclusive HP ElectroInk and a unique printing process—delivers a wide color gamut that is one of the most accurate on the market. "Our HP Indigo presses were able to achieve the quality necessary to ensure the digital covers matched the traditionally printed text pages," adds Simon Cooper, business development director at Pureprint.

Productive printing offers superior value

When considering the cost to produce thousands of personalized catalog covers, Boden wanted to ensure it got a competitive price—and Pureprint's experience combined with HP Indigo technology delivered. "We were able to achieve a competitive price point that did not blow the project out of the water," says Cooper.

The HP Indigo 7500 Digital Press is designed with intelligent automation, which boosts productivity and lowers printing costs. The press can produce up to 120 letter or A4 pages per minute in full color. With the new Vision System for automatic hands-free press calibrations, the need for operator intervention is low—saving time and reducing errors.

For Boden, the exceptional printing value—plus a successful response rate of 31% among its customers—meant an excellent return on investment. The catalog campaign also lowered the mail-order company's cost of converting prospects into customers by 45%. Whitewick concludes:

“With the latest HP digital-printing technology
and the right technical expertise, we were able
to create a cover that successfully connected
with a hard-to-reach audience.”