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The HP Indigo WS6000p launches one school portrait company into the digital age with exceptional quality and cost savings


“Our costs are approximately 60% lower when producing pictures with the WS6000p.”

— Morten Øyås

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Since taking its first school portraits in 1966, Fovea has replaced film with digital photography and transitioned from printed proofs to online previews and ordering. However, until recently, one thing hadn't changed. The Norway-based company still printed portraits using silver halide printers.

Quick facts

  • By streamlining the production process, the HP Indigo WS6000p Digital Press and HP SmartStream Production Pro helped Fovea lower overall costs by about 60%.
  • Configured for six-color photo printing, the HP Indigo WS6000p Digital Press delivers photorealistic output at a lower cost than silver halide.
  • Fovea increased production capacity by as much as 300% and reduced turnaround time from two or three weeks to four days.

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With photo paper costs rising, Fovea knew it needed a better solution—one that expanded its capacity and saved time throughout the production process—without sacrificing quality. After looking at the presses on the market, Fovea discovered that the HP Indigo WS6000p Digital Press could meet those demands, and more.

Exceptional photo quality

"We decided to buy the HP Indigo WS6000p for the low production cost, high capacity, fast speed, and, of course, the quality," says Jan Erik Larsen, quality manager at Fovea.

Quality is the first priority of any photo specialty company. Fovea's HP Indigo WS6000p Digital Press, configured with light cyan and light magenta photo inks, allows it to deliver photorealistic output with highly accurate skin tones, texture, and shading. That level of quality made it an easy decision to migrate all school portrait and group picture printing to the new press.

Says Morten Øyås, CEO of Fovea:

Morten Øyås

“We feel the quality is better with the WS6000p. We are getting better results with six-color printing compared to
silver halide machines. ”

Print quality is only further enhanced by the special photo-based paper from Felix Schoeller, designed for use with the HP Indigo digital press.

Øyås notes, "The Felix Schoeller paper looks like photo paper and is definitely more affordable than silver halide paper."

Productivity that exceeds expectations

Fovea found that integrating its HP Indigo digital press into its workflow was easy. Now, at the end of a full day of shooting, photographers simply upload the images to Fovea's FTP server. Parents can then see the images on Fovea's website and choose the ones they like. The next day, technicians adjust and color correct the images and then put them into production, using HP SmartStream Production Pro.

Fovea's HP Indigo WS6000p Digital Press is a roll-to-roll press customized for simplex photo applications and fitted with inline lamination for a high-quality finish. The process from order to shipment takes only three or four days—three to four times faster than Fovea's old silver halide process.

Øyås adds, "When schools open for the year, everyone wants to have their pictures taken on the first or second day. Now that we print portraits faster, we can have more photographers out in the field. Also, delivery time is very important, and now we have the best delivery time in our market."

With print speeds of up to 4,800 8 x 10-inch (20.3 x 25.4 cm), six-color photos per hour, Larsen already sees the difference. "My impression is that the machine's total productivity is actually better than I expected."

Low-cost growth opportunity

This combination of productivity and quality is helping Fovea lead the market in Norway and Sweden.

"Our costs are approximately 60% lower when producing pictures with the WS6000p, mainly as a result of the paper and printing process," says Øyås.

He sees the impact of the HP Indigo digital press when he looks at his company's balance sheets:

“We now get the pictures out and money in faster,
which really helps us.”