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Korea Studies Information boosts its publishing and print on demand services with HP Indigo Digital Presses


"Thanks to HP Indigo,
we have been running our
publishing business with no
overrun for five years, even
though we publish about
600 new titles each year."

— Chae Jong Jun
President, KSI

Korea Studies Information boosts its publishing and print- on- demand services with HP Indigo Digital Presses.


  • Anticipating an acceleration of digitalization and a reduction in demand for paper books, Korea Studies Information Co., Ltd (KSI) needed to transition from offset printing to digital without compromising quality.
  • KSI also needed a solution that would reduce excess stock and allow for small-volume printing.
  • To improve productivity and profitability, KSI strove to become more efficient in order to compete effectively in a competitive market.



  • KSI doubled its print output, and increased profits, thanks in part to the increased productivity of its new HP Indigo digital presses.
  • The ability to print in more flexible volumes allows KSI to broaden its range of services while enjoying the finest print quality.
  • The continual-feed rapid-printing technology, which requires fewer manual operators, also helped KSI cut costs.
  • KSI minimized paper waste, due to the HP Indigo W7200 Digital Press's rotation technology.

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