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HP Color Inkjet Web Presses drive innovative ads for Hearst Magazines


"HP allows us to offer
another level of personal
engagement. It places a new
premium on the value of
print advertising."

— Michael Clinton
Marketing Publishing Director
Hearst Magazines


  • Hearst Magazines needed a high-volume, personalized marketing tool that could integrate online content into print advertisements to create more effective and measurable marketing campaigns.


  • Hearst Magazines engaged Strategic Content Imaging (SCI) and O'Neil Data Systems (ODS) to print 300,000 full-color, variable data magazine advertisements for Popular Mechanics, using the HP T300 and HP T350 Color Inkjet Web Presses, as well as Utopia Inkjet paper from Appleton Coated.


  • ODS printed more than 4.8 million localized pages as eight-page inserts to be bound in the November 2011 issue of Popular Mechanics.
  • SCI printed 300,000 personalized onserts.
  • The economics, reliability, and productivity of HP Inkjet Web Presses showed advertisers that large-scale personalized ad campaigns could be cost-effective.
  • Readers responded positively to the campaign. Cierant recorded a response rate of more than 4%, with 39% of site visits from mobile platforms.

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