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McPherson’s finds profit in short-run publishing thanks to HP digital presses


"It’s comparable to
or even better than
a conventional press,
which makes it right
for the market now
and in the future."

— Dimitri Dimech
Innovation and Technology Manager


  • Clients of McPherson’s Printing Group wanted to reduce inventory while maintaining a low cost per book.
  • McPherson’s needed to match or exceed the print quality that clients received from its existing conventional presses.



  • McPherson’s reduced the time needed to produce approximately 4,000 books from 6 hours to just 1, and halved the number of production staff needed from 6 to 3.
  • Clients can order shorter runs of books and stock a larger variety of titles in their warehouses.
  • McPherson’s reduced its environmental impact by eliminating the water its conventional press required in prepress and reducing the amount of paper and supplies wasted by printing errors.

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