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Large-format, Commercial and Industrial Printing Solutions

Signature Seasonings boosts production efficiency with RSI technology and Original HP Solvent Inks


"Every penny we save in
production costs enables
us to compete more
successfully when sales
are often determined by
a few cents per pound."

— Jay Neuhoff
Vice President
Signature Seasonings


  • Signature Seasonings needed cost-effective printing technology to help it print small-character lot numbers efficiently, on an intermittent schedule.


  • The affordable RSI Hydra printing platform with Original HP Solvent Inks offers Signature Seasonings the ability to start and stop print production with ease and to print on a variety of nonporous substrates.


  • Signature Seasonings enjoys efficient, reliable printing production and now has the ability to print on a variety of applications, from flexible packaging to folding cartons.

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